White House Goes After Joe Rogan, Calls For More Action

 February 3, 2022

The White House isn't happy with Spotify's response to Joe Rogan's coronavirus content.

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that more action is needed. This comes after Spotify announced it would include content advisory warnings on Rogan's interviews about the coronavirus pandemic.

Rogan has been a vocal critic of the government's response to the outbreak and advocated for alternatives to lockdown and vaccination.

Of course, this is well within the podcast titan's rights and we hope he keeps it up. He has the liberal left terrified of the idea that someone outside their control has such power over public opinion.

Unfortunately, Rogan's podcast isn't the only one to receive a warning from Spotify.

The company also added warnings to Graham Allen's "No Context" podcast, as well as David Icke’s “Headstart with David Icke," according to Fox News.

Unlike Rogan, neither of these podcasts actively thwart the mainstream media's infatuation for lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccines.

It seems Spotify is using these warnings as a way to suppress any information that doesn't align with the government's narrative on the virus.

This is nothing less than censorship and should be opposed by all who value free speech.

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