Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Dominates Joe Biden in New Poll

 February 2, 2022

In a new Suffolk University/USA Today Network poll of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis crushed Joe Biden among Florida voters by eight points.

He also decisively defeated both the leading candidates for the Democratic gubernatorial slot. DeSantis is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming election.

This is a clear indication that DeSantis is a popular governor and has the support of the people which will be critical to the midterm elections.

Governor DeSantis is true American Patriot. The proof is in his actions and his words:

So what I’m going to say is these people, these Democrats who are trying to use this as some type of political issue to try to smear me as if I had something with to do that, we’re not playing their game. You know, some jacka**es doing this on the street. First of all, state law enforcement is going to hold them accountable because they were doing stuff on the overpass. So they’re going to absolutely do that. And they should do that.

But I’m not going to have people try to smear me that belong to a political party that has elevated anti-Semites to the halls of Congress like [Minnesota U.S. Rep.] Ilhan Omar, that have played footsie with the BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] movement, that even had people in their party that have cavorted with Farrakhan. No, we’re going to take our record in Florida and what we’ve done, [including] sign the strongest anti-Semitism bill in the country. We’ve stared down companies who were indulged in BDS like Airbnb. And we’ve won.

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