U.S. Marines on standby to engage in “emerging events” in Israel

 October 12, 2023

U.S. Marines have been pulled from Kuwait and are now on standby, ready to deploy in Israel amidst the ongoing crisis.

Breitbart reported that 2,400 Marines with the 26th Expeditionary Unit, who were conducting training exercises on Kuwait, are preparing for going boots on the ground as Israel prepares a ground invasion of Gaza.

Israel has warned Gaza that they shouldn't expect the restoration of water or electricity until all hostages are released. This comes in the wake of a massive terror attack on Israel.

Israel's firm stance on the hostage situation

Following the terror attack on Israel last Saturday, the Israeli government has taken a firm stance. They've made it clear that Gaza will not see the restoration of essential services like water and electricity until the hostages are safely returned.

Israel's energy minister, Israel Katz, emphasized the country's position. He mentioned that humanitarian aid to Gaza would be contingent on Gaza showing concern for human welfare. He further stated that the blockade would continue until all Israeli hostages are safely returned.

Katz was explicit in his statement, saying that no electrical switches would be turned on, no water sources would be opened, and no fuel trucks would enter Gaza until the hostages are back in Israel.

Details of the terror attack

The terror attack was extensive and devastating. Reports suggest that around 150 people were abducted from Israel by terrorist fighters. This was part of a broader assault that saw thousands of rockets targeting southern Israel. Additionally, terrorist groups attacked various locations, including kibbutzes and music festivals.

The aftermath of the attack is heart-wrenching. The known death toll of Israeli residents has surpassed 1,300. Many of these individuals reportedly faced brutal and savage ends.

It's worth noting that the attack didn't just impact Israelis. Many from the international community, including foreign citizens residing or visiting Israel, were affected. It's believed that citizens from 17 different nations worldwide were impacted by this attack.

International response and criticism

Israel's actions, especially the blockade, have faced criticism on the international stage. A group of independent United Nations experts labeled Israel's actions as "collective punishment." They argue that cutting off supplies to Gaza targets civilians indiscriminately, which they believe amounts to a war crime.

However, this group also condemned Hamas for their "horrific" attack. They urged the group to release the civilian hostages immediately.

Amidst all this, Israel is reportedly receiving assistance from the United States. The exact nature of this assistance, beyond "advise and assist," remains unclear.

U.S. Marines' involvement

There's significant interest in the role the U.S. might play in this crisis. Reports suggest that 2,400 U.S. Marines from the 26th Expeditionary Unit have been withdrawn from exercises in Kuwait. They are now on standby, ready to engage with "emerging events." Whether this means they'll be deployed in Israel is yet to be confirmed.


  • Israel has taken a firm stance, demanding the return of all hostages before restoring essential services to Gaza.
  • The recent terror attack on Israel was extensive, with a death toll surpassing 1,300.
  • Israel's actions have faced international criticism, but they're also receiving assistance from the U.S.
  • 2,400 U.S. Marines are now on standby, potentially ready to deploy in Israel.

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