CNN under fire after accusing Israel of “War Crime”

 October 12, 2023

CNN is facing massive backlash for accusing Israel of war crimes in the wake of a severe terrorist attack by Hamas.

Breitbart reported that Israeli President Isaac Herzog criticized CNN for its allegations against Israel, who had accused Israel of committing a "war crime" by imposing hardships on Gaza's residents.

President Herzog, who holds a ceremonial and diplomatic position, has a history of advocating for peace with the Palestinians. Despite this, he, along with a significant portion of Israel, supports a robust military response to acts of Palestinian terrorism.

Herzog addresses foreign press

During a press conference with international journalists, Herzog shed light on the heinous acts committed by Hamas against Israeli civilians. He emphasized that Israel would counteract Palestinian terror with an "iron fist," ensuring compliance with wartime laws.

Responding to a query from the UK's itv about the hardships faced by ordinary Gazans, Herzog dismissed the notion that they were oblivious to Hamas's terrorist activities. He lamented the world's short memory, recalling Israel's withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. Instead of progressing, the Palestinians let Hamas establish a reign of terror, leading Herzog to express his disappointment with the repetitive rhetoric.

He firmly stated, "We are operating militarily according to the rules of international law. Period. Unequivocally. But we are at war. We are at war. We are defending our homes. We are protecting our homes. That’s the truth. And when a nation protects its home, it fights. and we will fight until we break their backbone.”

CNN's controversial question

Becky Anderson from CNN posed a challenging question, suggesting that Israel's actions could be seen as a war crime under international law. She mentioned the U.S.'s warning to Israel about adhering to wartime laws.

Herzog promptly interrupted her, questioning the sudden shift to war crime rhetoric. He felt that such an approach was entirely out of context.

A subsequent question from Channel 4 in the UK insinuated that Herzog held the people of Gaza accountable for not ousting Hamas, implying they were valid targets. Herzog clarified, "I did not say that … But with all due respect, if you have a missile in your goddamned kitchen, and you want to shoot it at me, am I allowed to defend myself? Yes!”

Israel's stance on terror

Herzog continued his dialogue with the journalist, emphasizing Israel's need to defend itself. He posed a question to humanity, asking whether we should accommodate or fight terror. Herzog's stance was clear: Israel is combating terror.

He acknowledged the presence of many innocent Palestinians but pointed out the unfortunate reality that missiles were being launched from their homes at Israel. Herzog concluded, "This is the tragedy of terror, and there is no mercy to terror.”

The article was penned by Joel B. Pollak, Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News.


  • CNN accused Israel of war crimes following a Hamas terrorist attack.
  • Israeli President Isaac Herzog defended Israel's actions and emphasized its right to self-defense.
  • Herzog highlighted the tragedies caused by terror and the need for a firm response.

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