Senator Blackburn demands Joe Biden fire Jake Sullivan after attack on Israel

 October 13, 2023

Jake Sullivan faces potential dismissal as mounting pressure urges President Biden to relieve him of his duties after the recent terrorist assault on Israel.

Breitbart reported that Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has strongly urged President Joe Biden to consider the termination of Jake Sullivan from his position as the National Security Adviser. This comes in the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks on Israel by Hamas.

Blackburn's Concerns and Accusations

Senator Blackburn has expressed her concerns in a letter, emphasizing the need for Sullivan's immediate removal. She has accused him of consistently providing misleading information to the government regarding global security threats. This, she believes, has had significant repercussions.

In a direct communication with Breitbart News, Blackburn highlighted a statement made by Sullivan just days before the unexpected Hamas attack on Israel. Sullivan had remarked that the Middle East was experiencing its most peaceful period in the last twenty years.

Previous Statements Under Scrutiny

Sullivan's assessment of the situation was further elaborated when he mentioned that the time he spent addressing crises in the Middle East was considerably less than any of his predecessors since the 9/11 attacks. Blackburn has criticized these statements, suggesting that they were not just isolated errors in judgment but indicative of a pattern.

Senator Blackburn expressed her dismay, stating that such miscalculations were reminiscent of the flawed Iran nuclear deal in 2015 and the mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, which eventually led to the Taliban's takeover.

Sullivan's Role in the Iran Nuclear Deal

Blackburn further emphasized Sullivan's significant role in the Iran Nuclear Deal, officially termed the "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)." She expressed her concerns about Sullivan's decision to reinstate several aspects of the JCPOA, which she deemed as mistakes. This included easing sanctions against Iran and not enforcing others.

She firmly believes that the recent attack by Hamas serves as undeniable proof of the consequences of such decisions.

Iran's Involvement in the Attack

Reports from The Wall Street Journal have indicated that Iran played a pivotal role in assisting Hamas in orchestrating the attack. This collaboration was reportedly planned over several months and even involved a meeting in Beirut, Lebanon. Some sources suggest that Hamas had been strategizing this attack for a span of two years.

The aftermath of the attack has been tragic. As of the last report, over 1,300 Israelis have lost their lives, with more than 3,000 injured. Additionally, 150 Israelis have reportedly been kidnapped by Hamas. Blackburn also highlighted the unfortunate loss of 27 American lives, with 14 still missing.

Blackburn's Final Thoughts

Senator Blackburn conveyed her sentiments to Breitbart News, expressing her disappointment in the current foreign policy. She believes that such policies only serve to empower terrorists and rogue nations. She emphasized the need for a change, starting with the removal of Jake Sullivan from his position.

"America is better than a feckless foreign policy that emboldens terrorists and rogue regimes."


- Senator Marsha Blackburn urges President Biden to terminate Jake Sullivan.
- Blackburn criticizes Sullivan for misleading the government on global security threats.
- Sullivan's previous statements about the Middle East's peace are under scrutiny.
- Blackburn emphasizes Sullivan's significant role in the Iran Nuclear Deal.
- Reports suggest Iran's involvement in assisting Hamas with the recent attack.
- The attack resulted in significant casualties, including the loss of American lives.
- Blackburn expresses her disappointment in the current foreign policy and calls for change.

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