Hamas’s call for a ‘Day of Jihad’ results in multiple attacks in France

 October 13, 2023

Terrorists worldwide are heeding the call of Hamas's 'Day of Jihad', leading to heightened tensions and attacks in France.

In a concerning turn of events, French President Emmanuel Macron has disclosed that a second suspected terror attack was thwarted in France. This revelation came on the heels of a tragic incident where a teacher was fatally attacked by a radical Islamist.

Macron's visit to the attacked school

Breitbart reported that President Macron paid a visit to the Gambetta Secondary School in Arras, located near the Belgian border. It was here that a teacher lost his life, and two others were severely injured by a knifeman who was heard shouting "Allahu Akbar".

During his address to the public and the media, Macron revealed that another attack might have been prevented. This information aligns with reports from the French newspaper, Le Figaro, which indicated that an arrest took place near Paris.

The details suggest that a man, after leaving a "prayer room" in the town of Limay, was apprehended near the Condorcet High School. He was found carrying a kitchen knife. While his intentions remain unclear, he is known to the police for prior radicalization.

Details surrounding the attackers

BFM, a French media outlet, identified the individual as a 23-year-old male. When questioned, he defended his possession of the knife, stating he was homeless and carried it for self-defense due to frequent attacks.

Another individual, a Chechnyan named Mohamed Mogouchkov, is also under the scanner. Known to the police for radical tendencies, he was responsible for the death of a literature teacher, Dominique Bernard, at the Arras school. Several members of Mogouchkov's family have been detained in connection with the incident.

Macron shared that the other victims of Mogouchkov's attack, though alive, are in a critical state. Preliminary reports suggest they sustained severe neck injuries, with one having their carotid artery severed.

Reflection on past incidents

The President labeled these attacks as "barbaric". He, along with many others, drew parallels between these incidents and the tragic beheading of teacher Samuel Paty nearly three years ago by another radical Islamist from Chechnya.

While it remains uncertain if these attacks are directly linked to Hamas's declaration of a global "day of Jihad", the repercussions are evident. Several Jewish schools in Western cities have opted to remain closed for the week, advising students to prioritize their safety and stay home.

It's a grim reminder of the vulnerability of educational institutions and the challenges they face in ensuring the safety of their students and staff.

Conclusion and public response

These incidents have sent shockwaves across France and the international community. The rise in radicalized attacks, especially in educational institutions, underscores the need for heightened security and vigilance.

  • Terrorists are increasingly heeding extremist calls, leading to attacks in France.
  • President Macron visited the Gambetta Secondary School, where a teacher was fatally attacked.
  • Another potential attack was thwarted, with the suspect being apprehended near Paris.
  • Known radicals have been identified in connection with these incidents.
  • These attacks bear a haunting resemblance to past incidents, raising concerns about the safety of educational institutions.

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