Hunter and James Biden miss deadline to comply with House subpoena

 October 13, 2023

Both Hunter Biden and James Biden, who is the brother of President Joe Biden, have missed the deadline to comply with a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee.

The Biden family appears to be resisting the House's call for transparency setting the stage for a contentious battle.

Breitbart reported that Hunter Biden and James Biden missed the deadline set by the House Oversight Committee to comply with its subpoenas.

The House Oversight Committee, chaired by James Comer (R-KY), waited patiently for the Bidens to provide the requested information. As the deadline came and went, there was no word on whether the Bidens had complied. When asked about any updates, Comer remarked to Punchbowl News, "You'll be the first to know."

Subpoenas and the Bidens' response

The committee's inquiries into the Bidens' compliance remained unanswered. Breitbart News reached out for a comment but received no response. However, an individual familiar with the investigation shared that the committee is actively communicating with banks, which are reportedly cooperating.

The subpoenas, issued to Hunter and James Biden in late September, sought their personal and business bank records. The aim was to uncover any connections between Joe Biden and his family's overseas dealings. This move wasn't sudden. The committee had been planning to issue these subpoenas since its investigation began in November 2022. Their delay was a gesture of "good faith."

Denials and further allegations

Earlier in February, Hunter Biden had declined the committee's request for bank documents and communications. He argued that the demands lacked a "legitimate legislative and oversight basis." But the committee's concerns grew deeper.

James Comer's recent subpoenas revealed that in 2019, Chinese business associates wired money to a Hunter Biden account, listing Joe Biden's address as the beneficiary. These transactions, amounting to $260,000, came from BHR Partners associates in July and August 2019. Interestingly, court documents indicate that Hunter Biden wasn't residing with Joe Biden in Delaware when these transactions occurred.

Unraveling the BHR Partners connection

Digging deeper into the Biden family's business ties, Hunter Biden was found to have formed a joint venture named BHR Partners. His company, Skaneateles LLC, held a ten percent equity stake in this venture. BHR Partners, co-owned by the state-controlled Bank of China, manages billions in capital worldwide.

Hunter Biden's stake in BHR Partners is overseen by his lawyer, Kevin Morris. In a twist, BHR Partners co-founder Devon Archer transferred his stake in the company to his wife in 2017.


- The Biden family has not complied with the House Oversight Committee's subpoenas.
- The committee seeks to link Joe Biden to his family's foreign deals.
- Hunter Biden previously denied the committee's request for bank records.
- Recent subpoenas reveal transactions from Chinese business partners to Hunter Biden's account.
- Hunter Biden's ties to BHR Partners, co-owned by the Bank of China, raise questions.

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