Toy Story Origin Crash Landed – Go woke, Go Broke

 June 22, 2022

The Walt Disney Company and its staff of child grooming focused employees decided to gay up the Toy Story franchise. Not only did it bomb badly here at home, in the U.S, but it was a dismal failure all over the world.

Amazing how that works – Go WOKE Go BROKE.

Hoping Lightyear would gross $70 to $85 million domestically and another $50 to $60 million offshore – the homosexually laced, Toy Story origin crash-landed with a $51 million domestic opening and only an additional $34 million offshore, for a really dismal $85.6 million worldwide in revenue. In other words, Lightyear’s worldwide haul equaled what was supposed to be its domestic financial take. That by anyone’s standard is a major flop.

Costing $200 million to produce, and another $100 million to promote it worldwide, that equals a $300 million price tag. This means that Lightyear would have to gross around $550 to $650 million worldwide just to break even, which seems pretty unlikely. This is sadly, a lot to invest for so little a return.

Further, Disney has got to be insanely out-of-touch to invest $300 million in a movie that passes off homosexuality as the norm. Shockingly, in a kiddie movie no less. And not just any kiddie movie, but a Toy Story movie! Disney’s shareholders will be paying for this and likely other really bad choices, for some time to come.

The company literally invested $300 million to put this this kind of inappropriate material in front of kids to desensitize them, so they can be groomed into sexual playthings that can be eventually, manipulated and abused. It is sickening and wholly beyond the imaginable, that Disney as a company would do this. Reality, in this case, is beyond grievous. Hopefully, their financial bottom line will take a pounding here because money talks and they lost big time.

Simply put, other than homosexuals, no one wants to watch any kind of sexual intimacy between same-sex couples - just to be made uncomfortable, especially a Disney movie. Further, most parents don’t take their kids to the movies to expose them to human sexuality before they are ready.

Hollywood, who makes movies for everyone, does make motion pictures for homosexuals. However, what will never sell is mainstream homosexuality. This is because, besides making an overwhelmingly large percentage of the population uncomfortable, every time it pops up in a movie or TV show it comes off sounding like a lesson on the subject, instead of a natural part of the story. No one wants to pay for a lecture, when the idea was entertainment - it ruins the whole experience.

Furthermore, please note that no one can dictate where Americans should go, or what they should watch, to be entertained and spend their hard-earned dollars. As much as the woke Disney company wants to normalize this lifestyle choice, they cannot rewire human nature.

At this point, most Americans, “tolerate” alternative lifestyle choices between consenting adults, but that is not to be misunderstood as “acceptance” or any “celebration” of their selection. Further, as evidenced at the box office – the nation won’t pay to watch it, nor did the world at large.

Gratefully parents, the world over are realizing that Disney can be hit in the wallet, just like any other business that wants to ram a concept down America’s (or the world’s) throat. The lesson continues to be - Go Woke, Go Broke. That is a concept that Disney can understand, a sort of lesson from those expected to celebrate this lifestyle choice, as a family event. America, and the world it seems, are not buying what they are selling.

"In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices."

-Dr. Kathleen Hall
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