Harlem Democrat Set On Defunding Police Moves To Wealthy Neighborhood After Being Robbed

New York Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou (D-Lower Manhattan), a “defund the police” fanatic, moved to a safer area due to crime problems in her old neighborhood. Apparently, when money affords a move to a nicer neighborhood, it also allows for the ability to call for an end to policing. Hence, money is apparently the key to safety.

What preposterous elitism.

According to the New York Post, this left-wing state lawmaker, who has reportedly pushed for defunding local police, first moved to the district she is seeking to represent in Congress because “safety issues” near “the projects” in Harlem prompted her to move in with then-fiancé in the Financial District.

When she was campaigning to initially get elected to her current seat, Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou (D-Lower Manhattan) told a local publication, that she headed to the wealthier Manhattan neighborhood because she witnessed a pair of disturbing crimes, falling victim to one herself. In an interview with the Lo-Down NY, Niou reportedly said-

“I actually was robbed when I was living in Harlem. My boyfriend at the time, my fiancé, didn’t think I was safe up there, so he told me to move in, and so that’s how I moved to the Financial District with him,” … “He was already living there.”

- New York Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou

Leftists who don’t have to live with the consequences of their disastrous policies are referred to as “limousine liberals” – congress is literally fraught with them. They have the resources and connections to flee a high-crime area or hire bodyguards and erect compound fences to keep them safe. They are nationwide – New York to California.

Sadly, however, what about those people, in Ms. Niou’s district or nearby, that do not have her resources? And what about the people who have to live in those high-crime areas? Apparently, those constituents don’t matter. Again, this is social elitism at its finest.

Only sociopathic, left-wing elites, who live in safe (bubbled) neighborhoods want the police defunded. They just don’t care about their constituents. What really concerns them is the fact that they are appeasing their left-wing donors among the elite, who just like Assemblywoman Niou, live in their own bubbled, safe neighborhoods

In fact, poll after poll demonstrates that no one in the real world wants less policing. Most voters, black or otherwise don’t want less police services. Even most Democrats are against defunding the police. So, essentially if the goal is to hurt poor people, especially a disproportionate number of black people, or the working-class neighborhoods - then defund the police. This is sadly what social elitists like Niou want.

Believing the concept, that from revolution with resulting chaos, positive change will magically appear, Ms. Niou and the George Saroses’ of this world, that fund pro-crime district attorneys nationwide, press on. It’s as if they are hopeful that the statistics of increased rape and / or more black fatalities are ok, as long as they get the control over America in the promotion of their socialist agenda. If increased crime supports their cause – apparently, so be it.

This kind of representation, without concern for the constituents she is supposed to support, is reprehensible. The people of her district would do well to take a hard look at what they are getting for their votes with this left-wing elitist. However, it’s not too late to replace her with a candidate who does not see herself above them. That’s why everyone’s vote counts. November is just a head.

“Today's liberals are socialist tyrants. Defunding police does not hurt socialist Party officials. Inflation doesn’t hurt socialist Party officials. The Party is always shielded from the disaster of their own policies.”

-Fight Against Tyrants Blogger, Breitbart News
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