U.S. Navy Releases ‘Right’ Pronouns Training Video To Ensure Sailors Will Not ‘Misgender’ Colleagues

 June 23, 2022

According to The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS), The new U.S. Navy video posted by Air Force Staff Sergeant John Vannucci, teaches sailors to use the “right” pronouns, “show that we’re allies,” creating “a safe space for everybody,” while instructing service members on how to proceed after having “misgendered” someone. The video begins with two rainbow-clad Navy civilians who are introducing their personal pronouns, announcing they are there “to talk about pronouns.” One of these quasi hosts states-

“Using the right pronouns is a really simple way to affirm someone’s identity,” one host says. “It is a signal of acceptance and respect.” Adding in order to “go about creating a safe space for everybody,” this person suggests using “inclusive language.”

-U.S. Navy Training Video

The host continues-

“Instead of saying something like, “Hey, guys,” you can say, “Hey, everyone,” or, “Hey, team,” with the other host adding “another way that we could show that we’re allies, that we accept everybody” is by including pronouns “in our emails” or when introducing oneself.

-U.S. Navy Training Video

Also, this female, discusses what to do when one has “misgendered” another, continuing-

“correct yourself and move on or you accept the correction and move on.”

The Naval Sea Systems Command Inclusion & Engagement Council’s Diversity Team, created this the video series called “NAVSpEAks” to highlight “diverse voices and perspectives” in five-minute clips. They are essentially neutering the United States Navy.

Former deputy assistant to former President Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, called it the Navy’s “latest woke propaganda.” He asked in another Tweet-

What happened to our Navy?”

-Dr. Sebastian Goroka

Republican Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw added his critique, writing that-

“Here’s an idea, fire everyone in the Navy who puts pronouns in their email signature and focus on how to be better at war,” adding “For God’s sake, stop this stupidity,”

- Texas Congressman, Dan Crenshaw

Additionally, U.S. Rep. Billy Long (R-MO) wrote-

“While China is building the world’s largest navy- including the launch of a supercarrier last week- #Democrats focus on #GenderStudies and #CRT training for our military. China must be petrified,”

-U.S. Rep. Billy Long, Montana

This video series has been produced in a nationwide-attempts to pander to the LGBTQ+ community, since the start of “Pride Month.” In fact, earlier this month, the U.S. Marine Corps shared a celebratory image of a Marine helmet featuring rainbow bullets. What will be next – rainbow flack jackets and helmets too? How utterly ridiculous. China, in their bunny slippers, will be running for cover to be sure!

Not to be outdone, The United States Air Force tweeted out a graphic with the hashtag “#CELEBRATEPRIDE” and a female airman saluting, with rainbow colors, on her hand to celebrate the beginning of Pride Month. How insane! Members of the services had better be careful not to be so inclusive that it literally costs them their lives. No doubt the enemy will be confused until they pull the trigger. Their tweet said-

“Happy Pride Month! We are the best #USAF by leveraging the diverse backgrounds & strengths of each member of our total force. We are committed to making the #AirForce a place where we all can reach their full potential. #PRIDE #PrideMonth,”

-USAF Statement

Adding to the absolute ridiculous of the issue, the newly formed Space Force also tweeted out their own Pride Month message-

“Maj. Gen. Leah Lauderback spoke on how the LIT is working to change policy, change minds, and create opportunities for LGBTQ+ members of the military, during an interview with @airandspace. #PrideMonth2022,”

- Maj. Gen. Leah Lauderback, USSF

A working group formed last year, by the Air Force and the Space Force, Ms. Lauderback directs the LIT, which stands for the LGBTQ Initiative Team. It should stand for Ludicrous Initiative Tragedy. The whole of the services has lost their way, pandering to these minorities and placing our men and women in additional harm’s way. Not only will America not be taken seriously, but the focus in battle will be to fight at any level (including gender identity).

Thomas Harker, Acting Secretary of the Navy, last year, released a memo outlining his efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the Navy. Intended to serve as a framework for ongoing DEI efforts in the Navy, and directed at its Chief Diversity Officer, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) Cathy Kessmeier, the memo was to assist her in leading a Strategic Planning Team to develop an action plan to promote DEI.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are catch words for we want to seem progressive to the pentagon, the armed services leadership and ultimately the administration – to Biden himself, who panders big-time to these minorities. This is  without question, a tragedy of epic proportion.

This focus will get our troops killed, give the enemy the advantage, while we are demonstrating “sensitivity” ,during a conflict, that requires the utmost focus to win. Unfathomable!

Again, this is one more huge point of failure, that we can lay at the feet of the progressive administration of Joe Biden.

If we are to turn this nonsense around, November needs to be more than a subtle message sent by voters. This is the armed services who collectively represent us as a nation. Does this really represent America ? – most certainly not. We already are a diverse people – we need not look for situations to divide us corporately.

“The soldier is the army. No army is better than its soldiers. The soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country”.

-Gen. George S. Patton Jr.
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