Massachusetts Democrat Seth Moulton Urges Biden To Step Aside

 July 7, 2024

In a bold move, Massachusetts Representative Seth Moulton has publicly called for President Joe Biden to step down from his reelection campaign amidst concerns over his ability to defeat Donald Trump.

WCVB reported that Moulton has raised considerable attention by urging President Joe Biden to withdraw from his reelection campaign. Moulton vocalized this controversial stance following a series of public appearances by Biden which included a widely discussed debate performance and an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

According to Moulton, these appearances highlighted concerns that could jeopardize Biden's competitiveness against Donald Trump in the forthcoming presidential election.

Concern Over Biden's Recent Public Appearances

The debate that preceded Moulton's declaration was characterized by moments where President Biden, age 81, seemed to falter, which raised eyebrows both within the Democratic Party and among the general public.

In addition, his subsequent interview did little to assuage concerns; instead, according to Moulton, it reinforced the existing worries about Biden's capability to carry the upcoming electoral challenge effectively. Moulton expressed distress over Biden's handling of the criticism, perceiving it as dismissive, which could signal deeper issues within the campaign’s approach to voter concerns.

Soon after these events, at a campaign rally in Madison, Wisconsin, President Biden acknowledged his less-than-ideal debate performance, referring to it simply as a “bad episode."

He assured his supporters and the public that he was fit for the race, dispelling any rumors about his health affecting his campaign. Yet, this assurance did not mitigate the concerns expressed by some members of his party.

Stepping forward with such a statement was not easy for Moulton, who has considerable respect for Biden, viewing him not only as a key political figure but also as a personal mentor. “I think President Biden has done an amazing job for America. He's been a great president. And he'll go down in history as a great president," Moulton said, acknowledging Biden's significant contributions.

Nevertheless, his paramount concern remains the Democratic Party’s success in the upcoming elections, particularly the necessity to prevent Trump from securing another term. MoulTryton believes that the stakes are exceedingly high, given Trump’s policies and their potential implications on everyday economic issues like inflation.

Moulton's concern is not merely for the presidential ticket but extends to down-ticket Democratic candidates as well. He fears that a loss at the top could lead to negative repercussions for the party’s prospects across various elections. This concern resonates with the broader strategic calculations within the party, aiming to maintain cohesion and strength across all electoral contests.

Alternatives to Biden's Candidacy

While Moulton has not endorsed any specific candidate to replace President Biden, he proposes some possible routes forward. One scenario involves Biden handing over the reins to the Vice President, a move that could unify the party and provide a fresh face for the campaign.

Alternatively, a mini-primary could be convened to democratically decide on a replacement candidate, ensuring that the party's choice resonates with a broad base of Democratic voters. These suggestions aim to stir necessary dialogue within the party about the best path forward.

In his public statements, Moulton also acknowledged that he is not alone in his concerns, though many colleagues have chosen to remain silent. By going public, Moulton aims to catalyze necessary conversations within the party, stressing the need for a strong candidate who can confidently challenge Trump.

The broader implications of Moulton's statements extend beyond immediate electoral strategies. They hint at underlying tensions within the Democratic Party concerning the best approach to not only win the presidency but also to address broader national concerns effectively.

The debate about whether to support President Biden's reelection bid or to seek a new candidate reflects larger questions about leadership, policy direction, and voter engagement strategies that are currently at the forefront of party discussions.


As the political landscape continues to evolve, the Democratic Party faces critical decisions about its leadership and strategy leading into one of the most consequential elections in recent history.

Moulton’s bold move places these issues squarely on the agenda, urging a thoughtful assessment of the party’s—and the nation's—best interests.

Representative Seth Moulton's call for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the reelection race underscores significant concerns within the Democratic Party about its electoral prospects against Donald Trump.

Moulton has highlighted issues stemming from Biden's recent public appearances and has proposed alternatives to strengthen the party's position. His statements have sparked a crucial dialogue on leadership and strategy as the party prepares for upcoming high-stakes elections.

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