Hawaii Governor Josh Harris Predicts Biden Will Make 2024 Decision Soon, Will Likely Name Harris As Successor

 July 7, 2024

In a recent assessment, Governor Josh Green of Hawaii indicated that President Joe Biden will soon determine whether to proceed with his reelection bid amidst increasing scrutiny over his capabilities.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Governor Green revealed that discussions at a meeting with Democratic governors, including Biden, were deep and varied, covering numerous aspects critical to the forthcoming election.

One of the pivotal issues discussed was Biden's recent performance and the public perception of his mental acuity.

During the meeting, Biden used humor to address concerns about his cognitive abilities, which Green claimed was clearly understood among attendees as a jest, but others claim that Biden's self-deprecating comments were further indicative of how bad things really are.

Josh Green Supports Biden's Candid Assessment

According to Governor Green, President Biden has remained adamant about staying in the race, often highlighting the support he receives from elected officials, notably governors. Biden’s resolve appears firm, although he has faced calls from certain corners of the party to step aside.

"I think the president stays in this race unless he feels that it is not winnable, or he feels that he has to hear other voices in his inner circle that he shouldn’t run," Green remarked.

If Biden decides against running, Governor Green believes the President would endorse Vice President Kamila Harris for the Democratic nomination. His endorsement would not only solidify party support but also ensure a seamless continuation of the policies and initiatives currently in place.

"The Democratic Party would be ecstatic overall to have the president-designate his vice president if it came to that," stated Green. He underscored that Harris possesses credentials highly suited to lead, fostering continuity and stability within the party and the nation.

Green also took the opportunity to address general concerns regarding the leadership temperaments suitable for holding the presidency.

Green Defends Biden Despite Failing Health

He made comparisons without specifying names, implying that the traits demonstrated by potential candidates such as Biden and the likely Republican contender, former President Donald Trump, should be critically evaluated by the public. This includes their cognitive abilities to handle sensitive issues like national security.

"For God’s sake, these two guys have to hold the nuclear codes. I don't want someone who tweets in the middle of the night and rages at other countries. That is not good. That’s not the problem we have with President Biden," Green expressed, highlighting the contrasting temperaments of the potential candidates.

Governor Green reiterated his support, stating that the decision on whether Biden should continue the race must come from the President himself and his closest advisers. "That’s why I’m standing by the president until he tells me otherwise," he added.

The atmosphere in the meeting of Democratic governors, as recounted by Green, was one of mixed emotions—some were in favor of Biden’s continued candidacy, while others were reassessing. "That call had just like you’d expect in a coffee have, a few people mouthed off, a few people, you know, probably excessively praised the president, but almost everybody was just trying to see, ‘Are we OK?’" Green summarily noted.

The coming days are crucial as Biden and his team assess the landscape and prepare to make a final decision that could significantly impact the Democratic Party's strategy for the upcoming presidential race.


To recap, President Biden is on the brink of deciding whether to run for reelection amid scrutiny over his performance and mental acuity, with the support of key Democratic figures like Governor Josh Green, who backs Biden’s capacity and readiness to continue leading.

Governor Green also supports the idea of Vice President Kamala Harris stepping in if Biden decides against running, emphasizing her qualifications and the continuity she would bring to the White House.

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