House Oversight Leader Demands Biden's Physician Testimony On Mental Fitness

 July 7, 2024

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer calls for an inquiry into President Joe Biden's mental fitness and business dealings related to his brother.

The focus on President Biden's mental capacity and familial business dealings has intensified, with significant actions taken by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer. The New York Post reported that Comer formally demanded the White House physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, provide testimony and documents concerning these matters.

Comer's request was spurred by President Biden's performance during a debate on June 27 against Donald Trump, where Biden appeared physically weak and mentally uncertain, prompting public concern.

This event prompted Comer to seek clarity on the President's health directly from his physician.

Scrutiny of Biden's Cognitive Health Rises

In response to the debates' aftermath, and amidst rising public scrutiny, Dr. O’Connor, who previously deemed President Biden a fit and vigorous 81-year-old male in a February health summary, is being questioned. Notably, O’Connor had not recommended a cognitive examination for Biden despite the mounting concerns.

Biden responded to queries about his health in a recent ABC News interview, where he assured the public of his fitness, stating no mandates for cognitive tests, contradicting the concerns voiced by observers like Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who recommended such assessments.

This contradiction was further complicated by a White House Press statement. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that President Biden had not undergone any medical exams since February, contradicting Biden’s claims of frequent assessments.

Chairman Comer's interest is not only in Biden's health but also in international business engagements involving the president's brother, James Biden. Documentations requested include communications and transactions linked to James Biden and Americore Health, where a shortfall emerged during a business transaction involving a Middle Eastern investor.

James Biden’s involvement was highlighted through his direct communications and meetings facilitated by Dr. O’Connor, showcasing the overlapping interests between Biden's medical assessments and familial business adventures.

In his letter, Comer emphasized the need for transparency due to the overlapping roles. He questioned Dr. O’Connor’s capacity to provide an unbiased view of President Biden’s health, given his previous engagements with the Biden family.

Controversies Affecting White House Transparency

Comer's accusations pivot on the perception of partiality and withheld information, stirring more than just political intrigue but touching upon the ethics of medical professionalism at the presidential level. The chairman’s demands for Dr. O’Connor's cooperation include a request to connect with committee staff by the looming deadline of July 14.

This investigation also takes into account Dr. O’Connor’s presence at a meeting discussing a hospital business deal involving Americore—a company that subsequently faced bankruptcy in 2019.

This call for documentation and testimony brings to light concerns about the intertwined relationships that could potentially interfere with national governance.

The concern also extends to fiscal transactions; particularly, a $200,000 engagement with a Middle Eastern investor brought to light in the scope of the broader inquiry into the business dealings of James Biden. The connection between these financial dealings and Biden's health assessments by Dr. O’Connor remains a critical point of review.

As the details of these interactions and transactions become more transparent, so too does the complex web of personal, financial, and political nuances that surround the current administration.

The outcomes of this inquiry could have significant implications, not just for President Biden and his administration, but for future presidential medical and ethical standards.


In conclusion, Comer's inquiry into President Biden's cognitive health and the family's international business dealings underscores a pivotal moment for presidential transparency.

The revelations from Dr. O’Connor’s expected testimony could either confirm the concerns expressed by many or help clarify the President’s capability to continue his duties amidst rising health and ethical concerns.

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