Kamala Harris launches Online Abuse Task Force

 June 19, 2022

Thursday during a roundtable with officials, advocates and survivors, Vice President Kamala Harris launched a White House task force with the mission to fight online harassment and abuse following a spate of mass shootings that are connected to online hate. At the meeting she claimed-

“no one should have to endure abuse just because they are attempting to participate in society.” and “The Internet is an essential part of life in the 21st century,” continuing “And for far too many people … the Internet is a place of fear.”

- Vice President Kamala Harris

Supposedly this task force was established through a memorandum signed by President Joe Biden, fulfilling a campaign promise he made to combat online hatred. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday night, a Biden Administration official said the mission of the task force is to address this growing problem,-

 “which disproportionately targets women, girls and LGBTQI+ people.”…“The president made this commitment because in the United States, one in three women under the age of 35 report being sexually harassed online, and over half of LGBTQI+ individuals report being the target of severe online abuse,”.

-Biden Administration Official

The memorandum adds harassment / abuse that includes non-consensual distribution of intimate pictures, cyberstalking, sextortion, gendered disinformation, the recruitment and exploitation of sex trafficking victims as well as rape and death threats, among others. This task force has a 5-objective focus:

  • prevention of harassment and /or abuse
  • services and support for survivors
  • research on the scope and impact of the problem
  • accountability 
  • study the connection between online hate and extremist violence

With a 180 day turn-around, this task force is supposed to submit a blueprint to Biden, outlining recommendations for the federal and state governments as well as for technology platforms, schools and other public and private entities.

During her remarks, Harris tried to link the recent acts of violence in Buffalo and Uvalde to the “radicalized” internet sites the perpetrators were viewing. The White House underscored these comments connecting online hate and real-world violence, adding

“the Internet can fuel hate, misogyny and abuse with spillover effects that threaten our communities and safety online.”

-White House Spokesperson

Ok America, so let’s summarize this supposedly important development:

First, Biden has picked Kamala Harris, who has done nothing since she came into office, least of all manage our southern borders, which millions have now illegally crossed over, under her “watchful eye”. Now Biden puts her in charge of monitoring the internet and our freedom of speech! His dementia has dropped to new levels. Does he actually want us to believe she can do any task well at this point? Her polls, at 56% disapproval are worse than his.

Here is one recent bloggers insight into the Biden administration.-

“The Biden administration is an example of what happens when you pick people for jobs based on their skin color, gender, sexual preference, and not experience, skill and intelligence for the job.  Biden has put together a group of inexperienced failures and now the country has to suffer for it. If Biden fired all of them including his biggest mistake Kamala and hired people based on their abilities for the position the country would turn around but that won't happen because like all of his unqualified staff, Biden himself is the most unqualified. So, all we can do is suffer until it's time to vote - so put on your seat belts.”

            -Robert, Blogger, You Tube

To add to that, Harris can’t lead anyone out of a paper bag unless she has help and even then, she whines the job needs to be a “suited to her talents”. No comment. If it survives at all, this committee will be another disastrous notch on her belt that she has failed at. Watch out, America, speaking the truth might get you labeled as racist or worse.

And speaking of her committee members, why are Secretaries Mayorkas and Blinken participating? Doesn’t Mayorkas have a border to see to and Blinken the Ukraine to keep an eye on? They need to do their own jobs and not meddle in freedom of speech matters. Didn’t Mayorkas learn from his last Tango with congress on his now defunct Disinformation Governance Board?

What exactly are these people thinking? They never give up trying to suppress, oppress, repress and depress America’s Citizenry. Seemingly to them, taxpayers are just ‘something’ to be dealt with and not real numbers of patriotic voices to be reckoned with. They need a serious reality check – hopefully November will oblige America.

Second, this task force is another violation of the Americas’ Constitutional First Amendment, which gives us freedom of speech, period, This task force sounds a lot like the “Disinformation Governance Board” in different clothes, we just don’t have “scary poppins” to watch. What they are focused on in the five objectives above is not very difference from the watchdog board that was set up under my Mayorkas.

How can this task force possibly hunt down or ferret out persons on the internet that might say something offensive (labeled disinformation or harassment) to a left-wing radical who might interpret anything said in the wrong light? Besides that, those who would be the point of focus are not mainstream Americans but the leftist-radical progressives who live for the drama they create. They will never be satisfied until they control free speech and can turn the America we know into a socialist society bereft of morals, God and anything that looks like “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Beware America, of the control of speech, under the guise of ridding persons of hate and violent extremism.

Additionally, it would be ‘open season’ on how to interpret what was actually said, versus how the identity focused, gender non-specific persons (noted previously as targets) might “feel”. Again, reality is what you could make of it, truth would be relative, and no one could make any comment without being suspect from someone’s point of view. It’s ludicrous!

Some say this task force will fail on its own, others say it will do no harm – either way, the concept of controlling speech has been re-introduced and our current freedoms have been hard won with a price. America needs to stay vigilant and not get complacent, when it sees or hears of the left redefining free speech, under the guise of a task force for persons seeking safety from harassment on-line.

“Without vigilance liberty becomes a fantasy.”

-Roger W. Hancock
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