Biden Falls Off Bike – Training Wheels Advised

 June 20, 2022

On Saturday morning, after getting his foot stuck, in presumably the pedals, President Joe Biden reportedly fell off his bike in Rehoboth, Delaware. If the seventy-nine-year-old sustained any injuries from the fall or how the president’s foot became stuck is not known. However, is was reported by Reuters that Biden fell down from his bike on the way back from the trail he was on, stating, after getting up, ‘I’m good” and explained that his foot got “stuck”. No medical attention after the fall was said to be rendered.

As far as his physical misfortune, this is not his first go-round. Biden stumbled twice in 2021, while climbing a stairway to board Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews. Who really knows what his balance and physical ability is out of sight of the cameras. There is likely a lot of physical and cognitive dysfunction that goes on unseen by the American public.

There are those in Washington, who are concerned that Biden’s physical state of health, may be indicative of his mental state. In fact, in February, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), together with thirty-eight Republican lawmakers and Donald Trump’s former White House physician, wrote a letter to Biden, requesting that he take cognitive tests. They too fear that his physical state represents his mental state, and were concerned he might actually have Alzheimer’s disease. They noted apparent “changes in mood and personality” and “forgetfulness, discussing his cognitive ability has been declining and “is not just a recent trend” but has become more apparent “over the past two years.”

Whether he has undergone cognitive testing is not currently known. With less than 25 percent of voters strongly believing that Biden is mentally fit, healthy, and stable, fifty-eight percent of Americans believe Biden should receive a cognitive test. Additionally, fifty-four percent of adults consider Joe Biden mentally unsound and not fit to serve as president. Those are shocking numbers.

With his symptoms of speech inconsistencies, short term memory loss, incomplete communication, together with frequent angry emotional outbursts without cause or provocation, challenges in planning or problem solving, problems with new words in speaking or writing, decreased or poor judgement, confusion with time or place,  general cognitive failure with the clear need for general cognitive support and more – Joe Biden fits the part.

America needs a strong, stable leader, and Its citizens deserve to have someone at the helm who is capable of representing them. This talking head status, supported by handlers and others who are largely running him needs to stop. The whole world, especially its leaders know his administration is a mockery because all Joe can muster on most subjects on his own is “you know the thing!”

Joe Biden, history’s worst U.S. President, has been served up by his family and the Democratic party to bear the fall -out of this talking head position over his administrations trial and error leadership, which has America in an economic freefall. This mockery needs to stop.

So, when Biden falls up the stairs or off of his bike, his handlers don’t worry about his cognition, they concern themselves with his ability to walk, smile and read what is written on the teleprompter. They know he isn’t functional – they simply work with what they have to affect the control they seek….all while Biden just smiles and waves.

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful”.

-Margaret J. Wheatley
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