Faith-Based Center For Pregnant Women In Longmont Colorado Vandalized And Burned

Saturday, a faith-based center for pregnant women, Life Choices in Longmont Colorado, was vandalized and burned. Law enforcement officers were alerted to a fire that morning, and arriving on scene, they witnessed the building was on fire. According to the New York Post, it had also messages scrawled on it, that referenced the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Authorities are investigating it as arson, seeking those responsible.

Longmont Fire, Police, Community Health and Resilience said in a social media-post that the building sustained “fire and heavy smoke damage,” having been vandalized with black paint.

Authorities began combing through surveillance footage trying to locate the person or persons responsible for the apparent arson. Announcing in an update on Saturday, the agency noted that the FBI had joined local officials to investigate

Spray painted in black, at the entrance with the anarchy symbol above it, on the wall, one photo showed the phrase, “Bans Off Our Bodies” and  “If abortions aren’t safe neither are you” on the brick building, said another phrase.

Offering free and confidential services that included pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, abortion pill information and reversal, and post-abortion support and care to clients, this now vandalized faith-based clinic, reportedly was a support to struggling women and families.

As reported on Friday, returning the issue to the states, the United States Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, and held in the Dobbs case that the Constitution did not provide a right to abortion.

One of the most divisive legal issues in American history, in1973 in a 7-2 decision, Roe was handed down by the then Supreme Court. They held at that time, that the U.S. Constitution includes a constitutional right to abortion, despite the fact that abortion is not found in the text, structure, or history of the Constitution, and the nation went more than 180 years without ever noticing that it existed.

According to a recent Breitbart News article, approximately 23 pro-life organizations were reportedly vandalized from coast to coast, in anticipation of this last Friday’s landmark ruling.

The result of a Supreme Court leak, the first in the 233-year history of the Court, the progressive liberal-left turned to violent protests, including vandalizing churches, destroying pro-life centers and threatening protests at the home of conservative justices in violation of federal law. Now that Roe has been negated by this recent decision, the attacks continue nationwide.

America must stand watch over the freedoms it has been gifted with, under this decision by the Supreme Court on behalf of life. Evil continues to fester and boil over, at the idea that life is more precious than human “choice”. The absolute hatred this ruling has brought about, is the reason we see the left lashing out, against those who would help others, in their stand for life.

If there was ever a time in history to be involved in our nations’ social/ political debate, to support candidates that are conservative in their platforms, and financially undergird candidates, worth electing – the time is now. To not be involved, is to tacitly consent to the programs spawned by evil, that would challenge, devalue and remake America into a socialist country – bereft of God, faith and the freedom in blessings that come as a result of standing for truth.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 

-John Stuart Mill


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