Diligent Make America Great Movement Overturns Roe vs Wade

 June 27, 2022

The Republican establishment, for decades, claimed that they would overturn Roe, and for decades, they failed. For those decades we saw Supreme Court Justices, Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts, and David Souter - instead of Trump all-stars like Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and Neil Gorsuch.

Roe has been overturned because of the diligence of the Make America Great Movement (MAGA) the same citizens who elected Trump. MAGA is: Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro-American, Pro-Constitution, Pro 1st & 2nd Amendment and so much more. It is not the evil America faces.

Further, it is not a radical extremist group as the progressive, socialist, radical-left would have you think and the overwhelmingly false media wants Americans to believe. These are citizens with a true active ethical, virtuous and honorable compass, who elected a president who was given the opportunity to appoint constitutional lawyers on the highest court of the land. He did so three times over -Thank God.

Elections matter, perseverance matters and taking opportunities divinely appointed matter. Even when Former President Donald Trump was asked whether he helped bring about the decision that overturned abortion this past Friday he replied- “God made the decision.” Amen to that!

However, despite constant warnings from the MAGA Movement that supporting Hillary in 2016, meant losing the Supreme Court, some of those in “moral camp” took the “higher ground” and supported Hillary anyway. Hiding behind decency and virtue, without regard for how their vote might be applied by the candidate was slippery footing. Trump won in spite of those who would not stand firm.

There are those in the MAGA movement waiting to see how this “moral camp” will vote in November,  in light of all their now, “celebrations”, marking the end of Roe. What does this victory for life really mean to these so called “moral” citizens?

Again, Trump said it best, “God Made the decision” – what did we learn?  There is so much yet to be done to right the wrongs done in decades past. As in the above video, evil has not blinked and the threat to America’s freedoms continue to exist. Along with these liberties go our children’s futures.

America cannot hide behind the hope that everyone else will work to get the job done. Every citizen must work to elect candidates that are representative in the “Pro” categories mentioned above. This is what America needs to preserve the America that always was. Yes, the U.S.A. is not a perfect place, but it is the place where freedom to support those foundational principles as above can flourish. Our posterity depends on it.

“We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

-Thomas Jefferson
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