NY Celebrates ‘Victory for Citizen Rights’ After Court Denys Foreign Nationals Ability to Vote in NYC

It would seem that even State Supreme Courts are striking down laws that are unconstitutional and restoring power to the people. Officials in New York are celebrating a great victory. This is as a result of their state Supreme Court striking down a law, that gave municipal voting rights to foreign nationals living in New York City, that had been passed last year by Democrats.

Last year, New York City Council, comprised of 51-members, saw Democrats approve a plan that allows more than 800,000 foreign nationals with visas, green cards, and work permits the opportunity to vote in their citywide elections. The only stipulation was they were required to have resided in the city for at least 30 consecutive days.

Gratefully, the New York Supreme Court ruled, on Monday, that the law is-

“illegal, null, and void” because “it is clear … that voting is a right granted to citizens of the United States.”

 – New York Supreme Court

Praising the decision, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), who is running for governor, said –

“Voting is a sacred right of U.S. citizens, and, today, the New York State Supreme Court correctly reaffirmed that right. One person, one vote belongs to U.S. citizens, and no one else! No way should noncitizens be allowed to vote.”

– Representative Lee Zeldin

Joining the state’s Republican Party and naturalized American citizens in their suit against the law, New York City Councilman Robert Holden, a Democrat from Queens, also applauded the ruling –

“I applaud today’s court decision in favor of our bi-partisan lawsuit, affirming what we already knew: non-citizen voting in [New York] is a violation of law,” adding “It’s a victory for citizens’ rights and will encourage permanent residents to pursue citizenship and fully commit to our nation.”, then emphasizing “Citizenship and suffrage have always been tied together for good reason, and must never be torn from each other,”.

New York City Councilman, Robert Holden

New York City Councilman, Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) said the ruling-

“validates those of us who can read the plain English words of our state constitution and state statutes: noncitizen voting in New York is illegal…” adding “Shame on those who thought they could skirt the law for political gain,”

– New York City Councilman, Joe Borelli

New York City Councilwoman, Inna Vernikov (R-Brooklyn) called voting a-

“sacred right and privilege that is granted exclusively to citizens of the United States. As an immigrant,” she continued, “… I am proud to be a plaintiff in this lawsuit.”

– New York City Councilwoman, Inna Vernikov

New York City Councilwoman, Joann Ariola (R-Queens), likewise called the ruling………“a win for democracy.”

Nick Langworthy, New York State Republican Party Chairman touted the ruling as-

“another victory for citizen rights, election integrity, and the rule                                                                                   of law” vowing to fight these issues in court added-

“Time and again, New York Democrats have abused the power entrusted to them to illegally rig the system while trampling on citizen’s rights. Whether it was this outrageous violation or their illegal gerrymander, we have proven that we will fight them in court and win, but this should serve as yet another reason why we need to break up one-Party rule and restore balance and accountability to our government.”

– Nick Langworthy, NY State Republican Party Chair

Dale Wilcox of the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), which participated in support of the suit against the law in the suit by filing a “friend of the court brief” said he is –

“pleased this law is now null and void.”, adding “Laws such as this are an attack on the very idea of American nationhood,” stating “The sovereign of this democratic nation is the people, U.S. citizens. When their power is eroded, our nation begins to lose its independence.”

– Dale Wilcox, Immigration Reform Law Institute

Obviously, this is a very real victory for U.S. Citizens living in New York City. The fall of this law at the hands of the New York Supreme Court is proof positive, that our system of division of powers with its’ checks and balances, works. It serves as a reminder, that our nation functions like no other on the face of the planet – united we stand!

Further, nationwide these recent examples of judicial rulings support the solid foundation upon which this country was established. These hallmarks of our democratic republic are why America must stay vigilant, not wavering in its resolve to preserve our U.S. Constitution, our rule of law and the liberties we have been blessed with.

Three cheers for the bipartisan effort that made striking down this “illegal” law possible.

“The glory of justice and the majesty of law are created not just by the Constitution – nor by the courts – nor by the officers of the law – nor by the lawyers – but by the men and women who constitute our society – who are the protectors of the law as they are themselves protected by the law.”

– Robert Kennedy


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