Biden Searches Crowd for Dead Congresswoman – White House Treats The Moment As Normal?

 September 30, 2022

On Wednesday, the White House refused to acknowledge President Joe Biden’s brain freeze, moments after he audibly searched for a dead member of congress, during an event on fighting hunger. Biden asked, looking out at the audience, after naming and thanking members, of both parties who helped work on the event, Biden called out-

“Jackie are you here? Where’s Jackie?”

-President Joe Biden

He was referring to Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) who died in a tragic car accident, in August of this year. He was literally looking for a dead woman. This is tragic, in that he cannot cognitively remember that she died. Predictably, the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, refused to explain, why Biden said what he did, after the video of the moment went viral, on social media.

During the daily press briefing at the White House, Pierre went on to confabulate a comment, on behalf the circumstances. Pierre stated that-

“The president was naming the congressional champions on this issue and was acknowledging her incredible work,” and “Of course she was on his mind. She was on top of mind for the president,”

-Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary

Stating also that Biden planned to meet with members of Walorski’s family, on Friday, to sign a bill renaming a Veterans Affairs clinic in her honor, Jean-Pierre said again that Walorski happened to be on his mind. Continuing to press her, several other reporters asked Jean-Pierre to explain the president’s comments. One reported specifically noted-

“I think the confusing part is why, if she and the family is top of mind, does the president think she is living and in the room?”

-Reporter Pressing Jean-Pierre

Sounding like a broken record, Jean-Pierre replied-

 “I don’t find that confusing,”... “I mean I think many people can speak to sometimes when you have people top of mind, they are top of mind, exactly that.”

-Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary

When someone tried to ask her again, about Biden’s statement, she said, that she did not understand why they kept asking about his comments. Then she flat-out dodged any explanation, and asked-

“I’m not sure why. Why? Why one more time?”

-Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary

When asked yet by someone else whether Biden was confused or misread the teleprompter, Karine Jean-Pierre appeared irritated. Then emphatically and repeatedly stated-

“I mean you’re jumping to a lot of conclusions,” she replied. “No, but I … I’m answering the question, you’re jumping to a lot of conclusions I just answered your question. If that had been the case, I would have stated that.”…adding “What I have said is that she is on top of mind,”

-Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary

Still trying to clarify her response, after another reporter quizzed her, she emphatically replied-

“My answer is certainly not going to change.”

-Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary

That Pierre spent so much time, excusing Biden’s comments, is a sure sign that a cover-up was in full swing, and that Old Uncle Joe, had gone off the script, and in his poor cognitive condition, had made a huge gaff yet again. His poor physical and mental state are seeming to decline before America’s very eyes. We have a leader who cannot think, speak, and reason correctly. It is obvious to any rational adult. Further, no amount of lying will cover this up. America deserves better.                                                           

One blogger put it this way-

“What I find incredibly sad is that his wife and kids continue to allow him to go out and publicly embarrass himself so frequently. If any of us had a parent or grandparent with Alzheimer's we would show love and compassion and not allow them to be made a fool of in a public setting. I can't wrap my mind around it honestly”.

- Bluegrassfan76, Breitbart Blogger

“One of the most-deadly causes of destruction of divine destinies is when a leader is failing, but he or she does not know it. Ignorance about your role is a death plot against people's successes.”

-Israelmore Ayivor
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