WATCH: VP Harris Mistakenly Touts US Alliance With North Korea

 September 30, 2022

One can only wonder who is a worse leader ? - someone who cannot remember anything generally, or someone who remembers things wrongly and spews incorrect information at a world level? Both are dangerous, in the world of détente. The vice president's gaffe came, on her tour of Asia, in the demilitarized zone of all places. Hey she finally made it to a border!

Supposedly there to show solidarity, with South Korea, one day after North Korea tested a ballistic missile, Harris really stepped in it. Instead of remembering who she was there for, she mistakenly boasted about the U.S. ‘s solidarity with “North Korea”.

This is too embarrassing for words, and comes just one day after Biden himself, was searching the crowd at an event – looking for a dead woman. These are the reason, Trump flatly says we are a “nation in decline…going to hell”. The President can’t remember anything and the VP can keep from slaughtering a speech with inaccurate (even embarrassing) verbiage. This is what the Democrats get for focusing on optics instead of reality. The trouble is – America looks like a bunch of fools too.

Note: Kamala has visited no other border except this one. Apparently, our southern border is not important enough for her to come, and spread her word salads there, not even once. This abysmal White House team needs retired quickly, before they make a full mockery out of Americas dedication towards her allies, and places us at even further risk with her enemies.

“You know that little thing that is in your head, that keeps you from saying things you shouldn’t?... Yeah I don’t have one of those.”

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