Biden Labeled “Practiced Liar” After Denying Ties To Hunter's Business Dealings Yet Again

 September 20, 2022

On Monday, author Miranda Devine, who studied the actual contents of the “The Laptop from Hell” and wrote about the Hunter Biden debacle, weighs in on President Biden's recent claims on “60 Minutes”, that he shares no ties to Hunter Biden's business dealings.

Biden purportedly, is on camera making three seemingly well-rehearsed statements regarding Hunter. This Fox News Business segment shares the section of the interview, where Biden denies ties to Hunters business dealings. He doesn’t miss a beat, nor stumbles with his words or goes off topic. It seems well practiced. It is entirely unlike the real Biden we are used to.

With what she knows about Hunters laptop, Devine has become somewhat of an expert on the issue. She also questions Biden’s compromised state, given the monies that the Biden’s have received from businesses that are tied to the Chinese Communist Party. She labeled Joe Biden, a “practiced liar” and went on to question his worthiness, to be ask regarding what he observes of hunter or not, as she outlines Biden’s lies that she has evidence of, that only qualify him to be distrusted.

Devine goes on to discuss her latest op-ed in the Washington Post, urging Republicans to combat the border crisis, warning that more than 8,500 illegal migrants are flooding over the border every day. Devine goes on to state that Joe Biden, has created a historic crisis, of epic humanitarian proportions with ramifications “that will echo for generations”.

This news commentary reminds America, of the severity of Joe Biden’s’ lack of credibility, his likely compromised state and the abysmal condition of this nations southern border. While it would be nice to hear something encouraging regarding this president – this piece reminds us that our Nation is at cross-roads, because of Biden and his left-leaning, woke, democratic-socialist administration.

America is trying to be changed, from the inside out, by the likes of he and his associates, who want America to be a socialist experiment. This news piece is yet another validation of the wake-up call being heralded by the Republican party, who will hopefully correct Americas path come November.

“Lies are like cockroaches, for every one you discover there are many more that are hidden.”

-Gary Hopkins
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