WATCH: California Approves Bill To Punish Doctors Who Spread 'Misinformation' About COVID

 September 20, 2022

California does it again! Though, according to Fox News contributor, Dr. Drew Pinski MD, there is a law on the books that regulates discussions of physicians, that relates to best healthcare practices, the California's legislature, has approved a bill, that was sent to Governor Gavin Newsom, to be signed into law, that penalizes doctors who promote "misinformation" with their patients regarding COVID-19.

Essentially, this bill, is an attack on both the doctors and patients first amendment rights, as it regulates what doctors can actually say, regarding the care that is available to their own patients. Truly, this is a slippery slope, that violates even the doctor - patient confidentiality issues, and is intended to regulate those doctors, who the state considers "outliers" in their practices, forcing them to "get in line" with the states recommended practices.

This approved bill, if signed into law, allows anonymous charges to be filed against any physician, in any number, for whatever reason that relates to COVID discussions. This essentially can "cripple" a physicians practice, by forcing him to seek legal counsel, necessitating copious hours out of the office practicing, and can possibly bankrupt him, all in an effort to clear his name. It is wholly punitive for those physicians, who wish to use, their medical training, years of practicing medicine, and their own good judgment, on behalf of their patients, with specific medical indications and needs. Further, it denies patients, the opportunity to make choices, best befitting their own health, who wish to control their own bodies.

Giving Gavin Newsom, the opportunity to say what is true and what is false, this legislation, provides California control over peoples lives as it relates to even their healthcare. Further, this bill sidesteps even President Joe Biden's recent announcement that the COVID pandemic is at an end. Apparently, his statement may cause difficulties of all kinds in those states, especially California, who want to keep people exactly where they desire - under their control.

California is already bankrupting its middle class, chasing businesses out of the state, because of regulation and tightening its grasp, on every state industry with copious regulations. This is why families and businesses, are leaving a state in droves. Soon California will have only the poor, illegal migrants and the "vacation abortion" population to seek funding of. The vastly rich have their lawyers, to save their millions from excessive taxes and regulatory rules.

So, join the throng of those "drinking the Kool-Aid" and get in line, or join the masses of those leaving the state. California is not the state to emulate. The leftist woke Democratic Socialists there, should not be in charge of determining what is "truth" for anyone. It is also not the state to consider living, if you value your constitutional freedoms. The "Peoples Republic of California", it would seem, is leading the socialist charge here in America. This is not a bragging point - but is a sad reality.

Those who would seek to preserve, for future generations, our constitutional republic should BEWARE!

The future depends on using wisdom, to identify these unconstitutionally leaning states, within our nation, and not allow them and their policies to affect our constitutional freedoms.

John Adams once wrote "Posterity! You'll never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it."

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