Americans Have Had Enough Of Democrats ‘Ridiculous’ Behavior: Rep. Jim Jordan

 August 15, 2022

The double standard and Democratic free-wheeling plague, on America’s liberties, has got to stop. There is too much Democratically sponsored corruption, to even keep track of these days.

A few examples of this corruption, in recent memory are the: The Russia Collusion Hoax, sponsored by the convicted Democrat, FBI Attorney, Kevin Clinesmith, who altered documents that produced the FISA Court allowance for monitoring of the then, Trump Campaign (who himself apparently got a hand slap), the ignoring of Joe Biden (“The Big Guy”) and his son (Hunter) and Biden’s brother, in selling out American interests and access, to the Communist Chinese, who have given them all millions, Nancy and Paul Pelosi for committing insider trading, at least twice in recent history, allowing Hillary Clinton to have an email-server in her basement - that put Americas intelligence community and American secrets at risk, all without prosecution and now making up a reason (which keeps changing) to literally raid the home of a former past president – all while disallowing his legal representatives to observe.

I’m sure there are many others – these are but a few. Of note is the fact, that Donald Trump is the one person committed to exposing them all. Little wonder he is at the heart of their attacks presently.

Along with Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, many Americans are seeking answers of the Department of Justice’s, Merrick Garland and its policing arm, the FBI’s Christopher Wray. They each have a lot to answer for. Hopefully their day will come.

This level of corruption has reached an all-time fevered pitch, as these government institutions, are literally being weaponized to attack America’s 1st , 2nd and 4th amendments rights, without the slightest upholding of America’s Constitutional freedoms.

Further the democrats have just empowered the IRS with an astronomical $80 billion, to go after middle class citizens and small business, to pay more taxes or face “deadly force”. Again, this has got to stop. November is America’s only hope to put the brakes on here and set this ship aright, before it literally sinks.

"The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”

-Abraham Lincoln
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