Montenegro Mass Shooter Stopped By Armed Passerby

On Friday, according to the Associated Press, CETINJE, Montenegro, a man went on a shooting rampage in the streets of the city, killing 10 people, including two children, before being shot dead by a passerby.

Cetinje, the seat of Montenegro’s former royal government is located, 36 kilometers (22 miles) west of Podogrica, the current capital of this small Balkan nation.

Zoran Brdjanin, Montenegrin Police Chief said, in a video statement shared with media, that attacker was a 34-year-old man he identified only by his initials, V.B. The assailant used a hunting rifle to first shoot to death, two children ages 8 and 11 and their mother, who lived as tenants in the attacker’s house in Cetinje’s Medovina neighborhood according to Brdjanin. Reportedly,  the shooter then walked into the street, randomly began shooting 13 more people, seven of them fatally, the chief stated. He added-

“At the moment, it is unclear what provoked V.B. to commit this atrocious act,”

-Zoran Brdjanin, Montenegrin Police Chief

The prosecutor, coordinating the crime scene investigation, Andrijana Nastic, told journalists that the gunman, was killed by a passerby, and that a police officer was among the wounded. She claimed that nine of those killed, died at the scene, and two died at a hospital where they were taken for surgery.

Dritan Abazovic, Prime Minister wrote on his Telegram channel, that the incident was

“an unprecedented tragedy” (urging the nation) “to be, in their thoughts, with the families of the innocent victims, their relatives, friends and all the people of Cetinje.”

– Dritan Abazovic, Prime Minister

Milo Djukanovic, President, said on Twitter, in addressing the tragedy and the families who lost loved-ones in the incident the he was-

 “deeply moved by the news of the terrible tragedy” (in Cetinje, calling for) “solidarity”.

– Milo Djukanovic, President

When viewing the videos of this news event – that have been produced so far, however, the good guy with a gun (passerby) who was said to have shot and killed the gunman is played down significantly by the news media outlets preferring to taut police gunfire as an assumed cause of his demise.

It would certainly seem that, Conservative versus Progressive Politics is alive and well in the Balkans. Apparently, the world over, more people shot and killed is better than having the ability to defend life and liberty. Gratefully for those, in harms-way this time, a conservative with a gun was there.

One blogger commented –

“Conservatives are far more tolerant of other peoples’ views than the lock-step progressives, which is why progressives seem to be making inroads in all the Western countries. But progressives, because they are determined to have you admit that they are right about everything, don’t know when to stop. They are grossly overplaying their hand. When the conservative backlash comes, it will be definitive.”

-rpu28, Breitbart Blogger

“The possession of arms by the people is the ultimate warrant that government governs only with the consent of the governed.”

-Jeffrey R. Snyder


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