A Tragedy In Florida: Mother Of Four Shot And Killed By Son

 April 30, 2022

It is a tragedy when any mother is killed, but it is especially heartbreaking when it happens at the hands of her own son. Last week, a Florida mother was shot and killed by her 19-year-old son. This senseless act has rocked the community and left family members devastated. Officials say that the firearms used in the shooting were obtained illegally, and they are still trying to determine the truth behind his motive for the crime.

Deputies in Polk County, were on the seen investigated the murder.

Whatever the circumstances may be, allegedly the son, Seth Settle, was depressed. The question though, despite his mental clarity issues, is where did he get the firearms?

Sheriff Grady Judd, tells us about the crime,

“[Seth Settle] Fled past her, didn’t help, didn’t dial 911, hollered something at the brother on the way out of the door,” Judd commented.

“We do a criminal history. Not one blemish on anyone’s name. Mom, dad, the four kids… This is truly the wonderful family next door, and he kills his mom,”

How does a seemingly middle class family, in decent neighborhood, have a son who owns two hand guns that are unregistered? The police says that there was no criminal record for any of the family members. But rather is seems that there was no one caught. Regardless, Florida mourns another senseless death. A woman, a mother, a friend, who had so much future left before her, loses her life at the hands of someone that she had raised and loved.

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