World Economic Forum: Fossil Fuels Must “Punished” Out Of Existence – To Save Democracy

Just because your organization has an important sounding title and you’ve been looking for Democracy to collapse for 15 years, does not guarantee that your focus has merit and or that your presuppositions are correct. Some ideas are just hard to read.

Releasing a position paper on Monday, The World Economic Forum (WEF) purports to link their two claimed global crises, into one – “climate change” and the “decline of democracy.” Talk about preposterous. Where do they get these self-proclaimed experts anyhow?

First, climate change is a theory – not a fact, second, economic stability does not depend on using the energy, of the choice, of those who want to push their political agenda, and third their  “force this and force that”, approach smacks of Marxism at its best.

Further, the WEF position paper claims that, fighting the former can save the latter, as long as consumers stop burning coal, oil, and gas in exchange for green renewables. Again – let’s not be good stewards of all we have on this planet, instead we should be alarmists, with a socialistic focus and call it saving Democracy? Wow, is that convoluted.

First, they say in this WEF paper that, democracy has been in decline worldwide for 15 years, then they say,

that to protect and promote freedom,

“leading democracies must strengthen their economies and safeguard liberty.”

-World Economic Forum Position Paper

What form of rhetoric is this? It says lot of nothing, it seems, unless you buy the hysterics of climate change, global warming and the like. Again, it is an UNPROVEN theory and not a fact.

There is also, little to no correlation between, “going green” to save the planet (in this hysterically false notion of climate change) and preserving Democracy. These radicals don’t want anything but socialistic control of the populous – all under the guise of “saving Democracy”.

This position paper further-

”…goes on to say ignoring progress toward a “low-carbon economy could put democracies in greater economic peril, not less”

-World Economic Forum Position Paper

Oh, and also this paper calls for the broader demand of environmental activists to press companies to stop investing in fossil fuels. The paper suggests that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought renewed focus on economic weakness and it looks to saving the U.S. and Europe, by pricing the alternatives to green energy out of the market so a clean energy transition will be easier.

The paper goes on to argue that compliance, can, and must be enforced, as well as coercing other economies, to reform their underpricing of fossil fuels, to avoid the penalties that should be imposed. According to the WEF, U.S. President Joe Biden is already committed to “punishing” the fossil fuel industry out of existence….and they claim that by delaying a clean energy transition,

“leading democracies are making their economies more vulnerable through continued reliance on fossil fuels.” And added fostering a green transition “is not only good for the climate but also critical for protecting democracy,”

I’m not sure which children’s stories describes these people best, frankly they are in the running as characters in “The Emperors New Clothes”, where the lead character in the story, The Emperor winds up pretending to have had sewn a new invisible suit of gold (that he imagines he sees) and marches down the street with all the pomp and fanfare one can imagine – only to have a small child state the obvious “ The emperor has no clothes”. Joe Biden can play the part of the pompous, dignitary who needs the undying approval for all for his imaginary wardrobe.

Of course, Biden wants to pulverize the fossil fuel industry – he hates anyone with a mind of their own. This is sadly, in spite of the fact, that his mind is leaving him. Joe Biden is against American independence in energy and just about every other category as well. Everyone needs to depend on the government for everything, and he can control that. He has to keep everyone under his thumb – until he realizes he can’t tell his thumb from his index finger. The WEF is welcome to strut a plan down the street, but that does not mean that America can’t see right through it.

Or perhaps, these forum members could be best described by Alice in Wonderland, where Alice meets a talking White Rabbit who is running around furiously, getting nowhere fast, and winds up in the Mad Hatters Tea Party. It’s fabulously chaotic – just like the members of this purported forum. The sense of urgency, that literally comes to no rational conclusion and ends up unresolved, is just like the rabbit who keeps running aimlessly around, fussing aloud – “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date”. The WEF it would seem, is also in a big hurry, to make the rest of society acknowledge and bow to their maddening ideas.

Hopefully, when America can remove Joe Biden, alias: The Emperor or White Rabbit, in 2024 – whichever is the preferred caricature, the WEF will stop looking at America, as a country whose plan is to force the world to bend globally to the WEF’s purported ideas.

America needs to focus its attention at home, on the reality of our own economy, clearly fighting our enemies at the border, as well as in Washington D.C. Our Nation has no time to play around, with the likes of the WEF. America needs to fight to take back our freedoms here at home, that are in jeopardy, and not have some international collective distracting our citizenry.

“You should be able to voice your opinion and respect the voice of the other side. You should be willing to educate yourself and know what it is you’re dealing with”,

-Steve Nash

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