Wokeness Destroying Military Recruitment And Retention, National Security At Risk

The United States Military has one purpose: protect the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. In other words, it exists to protect the American way of life. To that end, the members of the United States Military have traditionally been encouraged to emphasize the team over the individual, to great effect.

However, things have changed. Military leadership has bowed to the radical left. Instead of trying to make the American warfighter more effective in their goal to protect the American way of life, they seek to appease civilian activists.

There are two major points of concern with the current direction of the Military and the effect it will have on National Security: the growing divide between the Military and non-Military communities and the focus on far left ideology over National Security.

“the next existential threat we have…is the inability to man our military.”

Maj. Gen. Malcom Frost

The growing divide between the Military and non-Military communities

It all starts with the growing divide between service members and civilians who have no obligation to defend the freedoms they enjoy. These limited-liability stakeholders in the American way of life take it all for granted, while doing great harm to the very thing that allows it.

This divide is causing a shortage of qualified young men and women willing to pursue Military service. The propensity to serve is down to 15% and shrinking every year. The responsibility for this lies with the mainstream media and politicians who've stoked negativity towards Military service.

Also, many large leftist cities refuse to allow Recruiters on high school campuses other than the once a year is legally required. For example, LA School districts actively resists any attempts at recruitment of highschoolers, and have done so since 2003.

If the American Military is to retain it's might, it will need to increase the number of qualified recruits entering the pipeline. There have been many proposals put forth to address this, but unfortunately the only ones backed by statistical evidence lean towards some sort of mandatory service or lottery draft.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but something needs to change.

The focus on far left ideology over National Security

Currently, the US Army is experiencing the greatest pain with recruiting and retention despite lowering standards, offering massive bonuses, and attempting to appeal to the younger generations with woke advertising.

The most prominant example of recent woke advertising attempts is a video titled "Emma", which targets females, minorities, and radical activists:

It's important to note that Females and Minorities should be encouraged to join the Military. However, this recruiting ad misses the point that a fighting force must operate as a team, not as individuals separated by ever expanding intersectional identities.

Currently, about 70% of the United States Military is made up of white males, which is proportionally high considering this demographic makes up about 32% of the US population.

Yet recruitment and retention of this demographic is shrinking as the Military promotes radical Marxist ideologies such as Critical Race Theory.

Diversity of thought is important, people of different backgrounds bring critical perspectives to the table. But driving a wedge between individuals instead of forging them into a team will reduce effectiveness. In this case, National Security will erode and the American way of live will be endangered.

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