Woke Students Throw A Fit Over Black, Conservative Keynote Speaker On Campus

 April 13, 2022

What a disgrace. A college campus went into chaos because Allen Bernard West, an American politician and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, dared to come and speak about how America is not racist and why our values are exceptional.

The students at this university were so outraged that they began to shout and then eventually hunt down fellow students who disagreed with them. This is a perfect example of how depraved the next generation is, and will be even worse, if we don't hold hard to those standards that made us great to begin with.

We are in a Social Civil War. The Left will not tolerate free speech if it does not fit their narrative. Racist, Racist, Racist- that is all they can scream. They have been indoctrinated beyond belief.

Where are the truly peaceful protests? Why is hearing something that you're apposed to, give you the right to hunt, mob, and assault the person you don't agree with? For all that we have grown in our country, we are moving backwards not forwards. So much for being 'progressive'.

We are moving into an era that to be 'conservative' is a crime. That to stand up for our values and principles is somehow racist, bigoted, or white supremist, or every other vile name they can call us. This is the state of our American campuses today.

How far will this go? If a police escort is needed to leave a campus because all you are doing is sharing your thoughts and views that is not agreed with by all; then we have done a very poor job at raising America's youth indeed.

Pure and simple, it is truly sad. We need to stand up and defend against this radical movement that is taking over our universities and corrupting our youth. We must fight for the soul of America.

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