WATCH: MSNBC Host Slammed For Comparing All Republicans To Extremists

MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross, attempts here, to label all GOP members - MAGA extremists. This is typical of the media elite, who are trying to take America’s focus off of the raging failures of Joe Biden and his administration.

Joe and his cronies, boast the passage of perhaps the most elaborate spending bill, in the midst of a recession, that has ever been seen. Literally, the Dems have passed a whopping $750 billion-dollar, health care, tax and climate bill - that taxes the middle class at the hands of an 80 billion dollar souped up IRS. Biden flat out lied, when he told America that no one would see tax increases under 400K. However, the language was stripped from the bill before passage with Democratic Senators sealing the fate of middle-class Americans by rejecting a senate compromise. Sounds like something itself that needs a cover up. The media that lives in the Dems back pocket, are already working on damage control.

Then there’s the abysmal withdrawal from Afghanistan with so many left behind, the billions of dollars-worth of technology and military equipment left for the rebels, the baby food debacle, inflation at its highest rate in 40+ years, the skyrocketing cost of food, gas and housing, an open border policy that has millions of illegal migrants crossing Americans borders without restriction, increased fentanyl and human trafficking problems, war in Ukraine, unchecked reactionary displays of violence related to the Supreme Court decision regarding Roe v. Wade (which is still ongoing), first, second and fourth constitutional amendment rights violations or attempted violations….the list goes on and on and on.

This is what the American people have experienced of Joe Biden and his administration in the last year and a half. It is a shocking display of what the Democratic progressive left is capable of. America is now seen across the world as weak, fumbling and not the strong nation it once was, all at the hands of Joe Biden and his administration. This leaves their support media to play clean-up for them by confabulating stories of great magnitude related to the GOP. Tell a big lie  -  to cover up a big mess, or at least throw it out there to let people build it up in their minds.

This is why the likes of Tiffany Cross, has to attempt to label all GOP members MAGA extremists. She and her medial pals want to create drama in America’s minds to cover up the huge losses, they face ahead in the polls and in the midterm elections. America has had enough!

No amount of fear mongering and conjecturing of what the Republicans are doing is in any way shape or form comparable to the great tragedy of outcomes seen at the hands of Joe Biden and his party. They have to find something else to focus America on or so they think.

America is not fooled for one minute, into thinking that the tragedies, afoot inside its borders, are related to the GOP and/or the MAGA group. If anything, according to the polls, the GOP is now the party of the people and the MAGA groups focus is on nothing more than Making America Great Again, a needful and noble cause.

“When push comes to shove, you taste what you’re made of. You might bend till you break, because it’s all you can take. On your knees you look up, decide you’ve had enough, you get mad, you get strong, wipe your hands - shake it off, then you stand”.
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