WATCH: Janet Yellen Called Out For Telling Blatant Lies

 September 10, 2022

On FOX Business News, “Kudlow”, Former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Kevin Hassett, calls out Janet Yellen's leadership, and the economic agenda she says is a part of the Biden administration. In this discussion, host Larry Kudlow and his guest Kevin Hassett, discuss the absolute lies that are being told by the administration currently.  Apparently in her last address, Secretary Janet Yellen’s comments, though she is an extremely bright and well-studied economist, has chosen to lie to the American people, making the following statements that are simply not feasible regarding the Biden’s economic plan.

In her recent speech,  not only does she make the statement, that America will be eradiating the fossil fuel industry she also makes the following statements regarding the White House Economic Blueprint which she says will:

  • Empower workers
  • Making and building it in America
  • Giving families breathing room
  • Making American industry competitive
    less concentrated, and more resilient
  • Will reward work not wealth

This discussion between Hassett and Kudlow focuses on, the inability of the Biden administration to simply tell the truth. The numbers they put out simply don’t add up. They are announcing outcomes, that are simply not feasible economically, at this point.

Putting a twist on the economy is one thing, but blatantly telling American citizens, that you can produce these affects, when you know economically, that they are not possible, is simply lying through your teeth. They both recognize that Yellen, is a very brilliant individual and they discuss how sad they are that, she has chosen to lie to the American people, on behalf of this administration. It is a sad testament to how far the Biden administration will go, to act as though they have a real plan that focuses on, the needs of the American people.

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