Bombshell Report: Biden Resettled “Not Fully Vetted” Afghans In U.S. Who May “Pose Risk” To Americans

Issuing a bombshell report, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General (IG), accuses President Joe Biden’s administration of, resettling Afghan nationals “who were not fully vetted”, across the United States. In August 2021, following the U.S. Armed Forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden opened a “humanitarian parole” pipeline, that has resettled more than 86,000 Afghans in American communities, many of whom were not screened or interviewed in person.

It’s unbelievable. This President attacks us from “without”, by allowing our southern border to be open, and now from “within”, as he has allowed tens of thousands to be imported from Afghanistan into our nation, to seed possible terrorism from within our own borders.

In this report, the DHS IG report reveals, that the Biden administration “admitted or paroled” thousands of Afghans “who were not fully vetted” before their arrival in the United States, and further states that, they may “pose a risk to national security” as a result.

The IG oversight report states:

We determined some information used to vet evacuees through U.S. Government databases, such as name, date of birth, identification number, and travel document data, was inaccurate, incomplete, or missing. We also determined CBP admitted or paroled evacuees who were not fully vetted into the United States. [Emphasis added]”

“We attribute DHS’ challenges to not having: (1) a list of Afghan evacuees who were unable to provide sufficient identification documents; (2) a contingency plan to support similar emergency situations; and (3) standardized policies. As a result, DHS may have admitted or paroled individuals into the United States who pose a risk to national security and the safety of local communities. [Emphasis added]”

“In January 2022, we issued DHS a Notice of Findings and Recommendations document notifying the Department of the urgent need to take action to address security risks of evacuees from Afghanistan who were admitted or paroled into the United States without sufficient identification documents to ensure proper screening and vetting. [Emphasis added]”

-Department of Homeland Security, Inspector General Oversite Report

Biden’s DHS “did not always have critical data to properly screen, vet, or inspect Afghan evacuees arriving as part” of the massive Afghan resettlement operation, according to DHS IG investigators. The report details that information in federal databases, used to vet Afghans-

 “such as name, DOB, identification number, and travel document data, was inaccurate, incomplete, or missing.”

-Department of Homeland Security, Inspector General Oversite Report

As an example, two Afghans, were resettled in American communities by the Biden administration, who were later found to be national security threats with ties to terrorism. While DHS officials said one person is in deportation process, the one of those Afghans has already been deported. But what about those “unvetted” persons that fall off the grid?

If they were found to have “no derogatory information” connected to their purported identities, the report states, officials, across Biden’s DHS, were allowed to bring Afghans to the U.S. without providing proper IDs. The DHS also did not keep a record of Afghans, who failed to provide proper IDs, but were admitted to the United States anyway.

The report, further states

“According to internal DHS reports, CBP admitted or paroled dozens of evacuees with derogatory information into the country,”

-Department of Homeland Security, Inspector General Oversite Report

After a number of alarms have been raised, about the Biden administration’s failure, to properly vet tens of thousands of Afghans, now living in the United States, this report documents the abysmal attention given to America’s security. It is truly shocking.

Further, the report states that DHS IG Joseph V. Cuffari suggested two remedies, to clean up the agency’s vetting procedures, however Biden’s own DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “did not concur” with either suggestion, and has defended his department’s improper vetting of Afghans. So, they are allowing unknown as well as known threats to settle in America. Again unbelievable – why is the media largely silent on this invasion of America’s security ?

A Department of Defense (DOD) Inspector General report revealed, in February that, Biden’s agencies failed to properly vet Afghans arriving in the United States, and that about 50 Afghans were flagged for “significant security concerns” after their resettlement. In fact, most of the unvetted Afghans, flagged for possible terrorism ties, the report states, have since disappeared into American communities.

The report notes that, as of September 17, 2021, only three of 31 Afghans flagged with specific “derogatory information” could be located. Also, a recent Project Veritas report alleges, that the Biden administration resettled Afghans listed on the federal government’s “Terrorism Watch List” in communities across America. This is another national crisis that Biden has initiated, developed and supports – why is the question?

The vetting process continues to be ridiculous at best, in that, the Biden administration has loosened requirements for entry to the United States. In June, DHS announced that Afghans who “provided … limited material support” to terrorist organizations, would still qualify for resettlement in American communities. Additionally, a federal whistleblower came forward to further allege, that the Biden administration resettled nearly 400 Afghans, in American communities, who are listed in federal databases as “potential threats to national security.” Why does this administration continue to serve this nation up to terrorists ? What possible advantage could this provide to this administration unless Biden is in collusion with them. Terrorists want our destruction – is that Biden’s plan?

The facts are shocking. Routine resettlement of refugee costs American taxpayers nearly $9 billion every five years, according to research, and each refugee costs taxpayers about $133,000 over the course of their lifetime. The cost to Americans struggling to make ends meet is already staggering. Now, it is estimated, that within five years, 16 percent of all refugees admitted will need housing assistance paid for by taxpayers.

With decades high inflation, crime on the rise, little to no prosecution of criminals in democratically run states, our southern border being literally invaded – how can America continue to pay for this Presidents policies? This nation is officially UNDER SIEGE by the policies of Joe Biden, who if left to himself and his left – elitist, progressive, cronies, will be the demise of our democratic republic.

The U.S. is not able to support this spendthrift, in the White House, who does not concern himself with the state of his own economic mess, nor the security we currently lack as a nation. Tragically Biden supports the lie, that he is building something better, and takes little concern for how his own policies, since taking office, have translated into a crisis in the lives of average Americans. His socialist policies, will be this nation’s undoing.

One blogger put it this way-

“Biden’s primary mission is to threaten Americans with crime, terrorism, illegal foreign nationals, and reckless spending intended to serve only leftists.”

-Anaveragejo, Breitbart Blogger

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

-Abraham Lincoln


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