WATCH: Biden's “Intentional Tone Deafness” Regarding Southern Border

 August 21, 2022

Biden’s beach house security wall, is an example of he and his administration’s “intentional tone deafness” , regarding the hypocrisy of his absolute focus on himself and his security, as opposed to our nation’s security. Obviously, Biden really doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  This situation is a frank – “in your face America” – and oh by the way, you can - foot the bill too. Safety for U.S. citizens is not his priority. With the Mexican Cartels dressing smugglers with camouflage suits, to increase their chances of not being caught in the dessert, and sending drugs that kill Americans such as Fentanyl, which is flooding America’s cities – Biden’s open-border policy  is “deadly”. According to the CDC, in 2021 alone, reportedly there were 72+ thousand synthetic opioid deaths - and that just accounts for those reported. That Biden and his administration would focus on his own home and leave the streets of America laced with lethal drugs, while the Cartels profit - and Americans die – could be construed as an act of treason, by Biden, on this nation.  To knowingly allow the Mexican Cartels to freely populate America’s streets with deadly drugs makes “every town a border town” and no one is safe, except Joe Biden.

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