Biden Is Spending Nearly $500K To Build Wall – Around His Vacation Home NOT Nation’s Border

 August 21, 2022

President Joe Biden, true to form, is acting like the hypocrite that he is, by denying safety to our U.S. Southern Border States, yet he is spending nearly half a million dollars in American taxpayer money to build a security fence around his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Like Pelosi and other, more wealthy Democrats, he is fencing out those he doesn’t want to come in. Interestingly, he is not paying for this fence around his own home but that it’s a taxpayer’s expense. Do American taxpayer retain any ownership of said fence? Likely not.

Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in September 2021, awarded a federal contract to a Delaware construction company, to build a fence around Biden’s multi-million-dollar beach house. The project, initially, was a contract to spend more than $456,000.  Now, the project cost has been increased to nearly $500,000 and is expected to be finished by June 2023. That is enough funding to build a very secure wall to keep trespassers out, impenetrable by any means.

This “security fence” construction around Biden’s beach-house comes, as his DHS has canceled contracts to continue building the border wall, along our United States-Mexico border, effectively rendering some parts of the barrier useless. Again, Biden needs a secure border around his beach home, but American’s are not able to have a secure / safe border to keep illegal migrants out of our country. Taxpayers are building his personal wall and the monies we have spent on construction materials lay along the border states rusting.

In fact, along the southern border, in July alone, nearly 182,000 illegal border crossers were apprehended. Reportedly, nearly 4.9 million border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived at our nation’s borders, since Biden’s taking office, according to a recent analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Recently, Biden’s DHS officials announced that they would close holes in sections of the border wall in the Yuma, Arizona, sector. However, in San Diego, CA alone, at least one stretch of about eight miles, is aiding the Mexican drug cartel’s billion-dollar human smuggling and drug trafficking enterprise. This is according to exclusive footage captured by Breitbart News.  This is going on all while, the materials for the border wall are literally rusting away in southern California.

So where has the taxpayer money allocated to build this nations security border gone? Biden is building his own wall around his Virginia Beach compound, and has reallocated billions in taxpayer money away from border wall construction to “environmental restoration” projects. The “green new deal”, is profiting at the expense of this nation’s safety.

Talk about mis-management of tax dollars. Biden is giving funding to a very dysfunctional group of businesses run by his favorite cronies, who don’t have to show any profitability - all while he is reportedly wasting about $3 million in taxpayer’s money daily, having spent $2 billion to not build the U.S. Southern Border Wall, as of July 1st.

American taxpayers are being “hosed” daily by this president, who lives in the shelter and protection of his home at the expense of its citizenry – however the nation is allowed to be overrun – invaded if you will – so he can divert funds to “green projects” run by his long list of friends.

The way he is governing this country, sounds more like a fiefdom, than a representative constitutional republic. The Democratic progressive-left will stop at nothing to rob taxpayers of their livelihood – now by “deadly force” apparently, with the new 80-billion-dollar appropriation to the IRS. Make no mistake America, safety for us all depends on the individual citizens at this point.

“Most gun control arguments miss the point. If all control boils fundamentally to force, how can one resist aggression without equal force? How can a truly “free” state exist if the individual citizen is enslaved to the forceful will of individual or organized aggressors? It cannot.”

-Tiffany Madison
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