VP Harris Refuses Appearance Video With Biden: ‘NOT A Team Player’

 May 7, 2022

What do you get when you add a questionable rival to your ticket as VP? Just what you’d expect  - disloyalty when the going gets rough. The Biden – Harris Team is on shaky ground – just look at the polls.

Kamala Harris is increasingly loath to involve herself with photo opportunities and public appearances with President Biden. This is because of their behind the scenes disagreements, tanking poll numbers and ongoing controversies. It is also an indicator of the internal division that exists within the Biden Administration itself. Harris likely blames him for her own terrible polling numbers, though every job she has been given, she has bombed at.  Just look at the border.

The truth is she is said to be hard to work for and her own staff have been leaving her consistently in droves. Apparently, they are not taken in by the perpetual fake laugh either. Leaving Joe to fend for himself however, in a lack of solidarity, says a lot about who she really cares about.

Critics have slammed Harris after it was revealed that she reportedly opted to not appear with President Biden in a video about student debt forgiveness, representing the larger disagreement over loan forgiveness among members in the Biden administration. Again, refusing to limit her appearance with him keeps her out of the association with this administrations’ plans, or so she thinks.

Harris obviously does not want to be embroiled with Biden’s handling of this very controversial matter. Her own polling numbers are so low presently she likely doesn’t want to run the chance of a deeper slide downward. Preserving her own reputation, over “Team Biden” a losing cause, is where she prefers to be.

Noting that the progressive wing of the Democrat Party has been calling for more aggressive forgiveness of student loans, the Biden Administration has been in the news making temporary statements postponing payments due. The whole situation lacks a thought-out economic impact rationale, all of which she likely does not want to be associated with.

As Vice President, she should have Biden’s back. Instead she is demonstrating her own version of “don’t blame me – it’s not my fault”. Instead of investing herself and her team of aides in bolstering her boss’s position, she is essentially and conveniently absent. It would seem with the gaslighting prediction for the democratic party in the fall, I guess it would be a fair question to ask - Is there a Democrat in the country who will appear with Joe Biden? Likely it won’t be Kamala Harris.

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