Trump Vindicated And Piers Morgan Still Unable to Admit His Deceit

 April 28, 2022

Caught in his web of lies with the deliberate slice and dice of his advertising trailer, Piers Morgan had no choice but to air the full interview between himself and former President Trump this week, including the original, un-doctored ending.

As such Trump was vindicated, however Morgan made no clear apology for accusing Trump of ungracious, even contentious behavior in his recent interview done for the inaugural episode of his new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, on Talk TV.

In Morgan’s heavily edited advertising teaser, it appeared that Trump stormed off the set when questioned about a rigged 2020 election. It was of course a lie, which was revealed by an Audio released by Breitbart News, demonstrating that not only did the president stay for the duration of the interview, but he left on genuinely friendly terms.

Piers Morgan, who was essentially caught red-handed, later doubled-down on his initial edit, saying it accurately depicted the contentious moment between them. When airing the interview on Tuesday, Morgan once again defended the initial teaser as descriptive of an “unhappy ending”. In the audio released however, Morgan is heard to thank Trump for a “great interview”.

Again, Morgan can’t just apologize, he has to justify the lie or deflect.

Now, he is blaming his statements on Trump’s communication director Taylor Budowich, that Morgan refers to as often appearing “angry and combative”. In reality, Budowich was very polite in the audio produced and comes across as somewhat frustrated by Morgan’s extra-long requests for time - to ask “one more question” of Trump, who had been there over an hour already. Morgan is heard to do this repeatedly - at least four times.

If the Budowich sounded tense, it was because he was clearly heard, under the circumstances to be provoked by Morgan’s own rude behavior, in frank disregard of Budowich’s responsibilities toward Trump. A review of the audio clearly details the easy, non-threatening manner that Trump and his communications director left under.

Again, Morgan blamed someone else rather than admitting he was wrong. When someone lies from the start and can’t be accountable - what’s left? Dishonesty is dishonesty.

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