Discovery+ Preparing To Launch Show Promoting Teenage Drag Queens

 April 27, 2022

How do America’s children learn to make wise choices? They are exposed to things over time, hopefully with parental guidance, discuss with parents whatever the subject matter is under review, and make choices based on the process. However, there has to be a standard of life that is foundational to this process. Truly being a child / young adult in this day and age is dangerous.

The level of carefree exposure to sexually laced choices has reached an all time high. Go to any park in the nation, listen to the pre-teens talking and the self-stated confusion with adult level language bears this out. It is tragedy of an epic proportion – we are seeing the moral fiber of today’s youth disappear. Why is this happening?

Parents, teachers and mass media entities are to blame. Children / youth will follow where they are led. Sadly, opportunities for a lack of wise guidance and paths to emotional harm, because they promote personal identity and relational confusion, abound.

One such learning experience is being promoted by Discovery+ who is preparing to launch a show, this June produced by Tyra Banks, that plans to follow five teens on a journey into the world of drag. This six-episode series, will follow these teens who are around 15-years-old, demonstrating how they and their families grapple with all things drag.

As a part of this exposure they are introduced to adult drag queens who help groom them for their big drag queen show called “Dragutante”. The trailer – shocking though it is – says it all. With the exception of what appears to be one grieved Hispanic grandmother – most of these families seem to be helplessly caught up in this process. Again, adults are leading this charge, tacitly or otherwise.

Culminating in a full drag show performance at the annual event held in Denver, Colorado, this program has been exposing kids as young as 12 to the life of drag since 2017. Shockingly, the event is sponsored by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the ICRME – Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire. What other “quality” creative performing arts opportunities come out of this organization?

The official history from states they are:

“a 501 (c)(3) non-profit which hosts an annual event to provide a platform for young LGBTQIA+ artists to fully realize their self-expression on stage. Beginning in 2017, Dragutante has been uplifting young performers by providing a safe stage with professional mentors to let dragkids shine!”

This is a sad testimony of how America’s youth are being mentally enticed down a path that focuses them on self-aggrandizement (pridefulness), hiding behind a character created to face a reality they’re not prepared for (lying to escape), and promotes egomania (extreme selfishness). Those are some very poor lessons for how to become a functional member of American society. Little wonder these lessons are couched under the guise of “fun”.

Fun at the expense of a life lost, in dedication to moral corruption, guided by those trusting adults they know, is a crime.

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