Trump Claims Massive Fraud & Election Interference – Says Declare Rightful Winner Or Redo ‘Fraud’ 2020 Election

 August 31, 2022

On Monday, President Donald Trump argued, that he should be declared the winner of the 2020 election, citing fraud and election interference by the FBI. He pointed to reports that the FBI worked to bury the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop on social media right before the 2020 election. This information, had it not been suppressed could have possible disqualified Joe Biden, or at least cost him significant votes, in that Americans would have been able to judge for themselves if his family business with Hunter had left him compromised – especially as it relates to China and the Ukraine.

The former president, said the FBI purposefully tried to stop him from winning the 2020 election. Trump addressed his indignation over the recent FBI meddling revelation, stating on social media-

“This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country,”

-Former President Donald Trump

Trump proposed two solutions to this fraud and election interference. He wrote.

“REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!”

-Former President Donald Trump

This proposal by Trump as a remedy, presents many questions, as it is unclear how a presidential election would be declared fraudulent and repeated through the court system. It is also unclear whether it is even permissible by the Constitution. Legal scholars would have to weigh in heavily to gain these answers.

The revelation of election interference became clear when Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed in an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, that the FBI warned his company of an imminent “dump” of “Russian propaganda” putting them on “high alert”, right before the Hunter Biden laptop story broke.  As a result, right before in the 2020 presidential election, Facebook censored the story as disinformation, although it ultimately proved to be factual.

Zuckerberg admitted to Rogan in the podcast-

“Yeah. I mean, it sucks. I mean, it turned out after the fact, I mean the fact-checkers looked into it, no one was able to say it was false, right?”. “So basically, it had this period where it was getting less distribution.”

- Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s Founder and CEO

Surprisingly, Zuckerberg’s story, when it broke across the media, was not denied by the FBI. Further, last week, it turns out – former Special Agent Timothy Thibault, the FBI Agent responsible for helping to spin tales about Russia collusion as early as the 2016 elections, initiating and escalating the 2020 investigations regarding President Trump, and essentially squelching the Hunter Laptop story just before the 2020 presidential election - resigned amid pressure from the GOP, and some of his co-workers who blew the whistle on certain obstructive FBI activities. He had been on leave for a month.

As this unbelievable story unfolds, hopefully the truth of this circumstance, will finally see the light of day. Included with the need for real transparency, is the Mir-a-Lago Raid of Trumps home. The FBI needs a thorough house cleaning, and a major re-organization. Outright lies and disinformation, may have legitimately cost Trump the White House, and could have saved America, from the perils wrought upon it, by Joe Biden and his progressive-left administration.  The truth is coming out - albeit every so slowly. It is both hard to watch and hard to not watch – the whole sordid mess seems so - “Third World” as Trump might say. The American public needs to be engaged in this internal battle for our Democratic Republic – This nations’ future depends on it.

“Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”

-Albert Einstein
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