The Peoples Republic Of California Strikes Again

Joel Kotkin, Chapman University Presidential Fellow, joined ‘Fox News Live’ to discuss the “numerous problems”’ associated with the newly established California policy, regarding gasoline consuming vehicles, which are to be 100% replaced by the sale of electric vehicles by 2035. Essentially, gas cars will not be sold in California after 2035.

In 2026 , the goal is for 35% of all cars sold to be electric. Then in 2028 the goal is 51%, in 2030 the goal is 68%, with a final 100% projected for the state to sell only electric vehicles. A staunch proponent of “Green Energy” and desirous to lead the nation in clean energy emissions Gov. Gavin Newsome, has overreached on this one.

According to Kotkin, California ranks 9th presently, in power outage occurrences. To be prepared, for the state grid to handle the added consumption of power, that this new law will require, will be a massive endeavor, since the need to build-up is only 4-10 years away. The grid as it currrenlty exists, cannot support what is currently in place today. How will it be able to handle this future need? –  Somewhere, common sense has escaped Newsome’s plan.

Currently, California does not have or support a lot of affordable, power options, as the state is currently decommissioning gas and nuclear plants, statewide. With an emphasis on electric to be utilized in the coming years, for heating and cooking also, Newsome appears to have backed himself into a corner. With the state of the socialistic focus in California, it would not be surprising, to see local subsidies offered, for these electric vehicles, which are not competitively priced.

“Common sense is not so common.”



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