Trump Blasts Democrats’ “Deranged Political Witch-Hunt” - Calls on Incoming GOP House To Obtain Biden “Financial Records”

 December 25, 2022

Former President Donald Trump, shared his latest campaign video exclusively with Breitbart News. In the video, Trumps blasts Democrats for illegally obtaining, then releasing his personal tax returns. He further called on the incoming Republican-led House of Representatives, to in like-kind, obtain and release President Joe Biden’s financial records.

On Tuesday, the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee, in a historic move, voted along straight party lines to release Trump’s tax returns. Obtaining the documents through an appeals court ruling, that ordered Trump to turn them over to the committee, followed a long battle reaching all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Chairman of the Committee, Richard Neal (D-MA) began a lengthy court battle in 2019 to get Trumps tax records. The former president had filed a request with the Supreme Court to block the ruling, but it was denied last month. Needless to say, within hours, the committee published data from Trump’s 2015-2020 returns and the outlandish public comments ensued.

Asserting that it is “an outrageous abuse of power” and that the documents only show how successful he has been, Trump, blasted the “radical Democrats”, on Friday for their violation of his privacy. He said-

“There is no legitimate legislative purpose for their action, and if you look at what they’ve done, it’s so sad for our country,” [ after calling the situation] “unconstitutional.”... “It’s nothing but another deranged political witch-hunt, which has been going on from the day I came down the escalator in Trump Tower.” Adding…

“Although these tax returns contain relatively little information and not information that almost anybody would understand — they’re extremely complex — the radical Democrats’ behavior is a shame upon the U.S. Congress,”

-Former President Donald Trump

Before calling on Republicans in the next Congress to pursue Biden’s financial records, Trump added-

“The new Republican House should immediately obtain the financial records of Joe Biden and his entire criminal enterprise because that’s exactly what it is. Biden is a corrupt politician who spent years selling out America all over the world, including to Communist China.”

“Just take a look at his accounts, take a look at all of his homes, and take a look at what his son, Hunter, has contributed to the family. The American public deserves to know the truth. We should also get to the bottom line on how Biden, on a salary of a U.S. Senator, was able to buy one mansion after another, all these different locations.” Adding…

“When I’m president, we will expose the Washington cartel, and we will Make America Great Again.”

-Former President Donald Trump

On the agenda of House Republicans are Biden’s financial records to be sure.  Just last month, they announced that the plan, is to open an investigation into Biden, on a number of potential violations, according to Rep. Jamie Comer (R-KY), who is set to chair the House Oversight Committee in the new Congress. The proposed investigations include-

“wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, violations of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, tax evasion, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

-Rep. Jamie Comer (R-KY), New Congressional Chairman of House Oversight Committee

Further, Comer told Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday, days later, that the bank records of James Biden, the president’s brother and Biden’s son Hunter, would be the first focus of the probe. Additionally, Comer claimed that the Biden pair had accumulated a sizeable number of suspicious activity reports - at least 150 at a minimum, a fact that significantly pushes their banking habits to the forefront of any investigation.

Publishing his joint tax returns, with first lady Jill Biden in 2020 and 2021, Joe Biden did not disclose additional supporting documentation related to business profits and the like. Those records should be very telling, once obtained.

In this newly released video, Trump contrasted his work as a real estate mogul and entrepreneur, who has “employed thousands and thousands of people” over the years, to career politicians in Washington, DC, who “only know how to kill jobs.” He claimed-

“While others use public office to enrich themselves, I left an amazing life behind to go and fight for the American people, and I’m glad I did it,” Stating clearly…“It hasn’t been easy, but I’m glad I did it.”

-Former President Donald Trump

This video exemplifies the pure determination of Trump, to stand up to the left and their seemingly lawful trickery, to find some “there – there”. Frankly, no matter where they look – he has withstood their scrutiny. It’s not because they should dig deeper to find something, but simply because they can.  

The sad truth is that American taxpayers, have now for years, been footing the bill for the Democrats to investigate Trump from the inside out. They left cannot tolerate him, because he unapologetically stands for something – America. Whether the observer likes or dislikes Trump, he is standing the test of time, focusing on making America and her citizens a priority, and is not shrinking back – no matter the challenge. One has to respect that.

“The truth does not require a majority to prevail, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is its own power. The truth will out. Never forget that.”

-Rush Limbaugh
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