The Horrific Battle For Abortion Rights: Connecticut's New 'Refuge' Bill

In a move that has conservatives up in arms, Gov. Ned Lamont and the left-leaning Senate in Connecticut have proposed a new bill that would make Connecticut a "place of refuge" for those who want an abortion. This sickening bill even broadens those who would be allowed to preform the horrific deed. One of its focal points it to set up a safety nets under those persons who preform or attain an abortion, protecting if someone tries to sue and take them to court.

Conservative lawmakers are doing their due diligence to help prevent the unnecessary infanticide that is happening in this county, much to the chagrin of abortion activists. Places like Missouri, Republicans are setting the stage with proposed legislation that would assist private citizens to sue anyone who helps a Missouri resident acquire an abortion outside the state. Many states are following this strategy, Texas lawmakers have a similar stance, in addition to 11 others.

This is exactly what the leftist Connecticut abortionists don't want. They don't want the life-defending lawmakers to reach beyond their state borders and help conserve the right to life.

The new Connecticut bill would offer broad protections from antiabortion laws that try to reach into other states.

It would allow anyone in Connecticut sued under a Texas-style abortion law to countersue for damages, attorneys’ fees and other costs associated with the lawsuit.

The measure would also shield people from out-of-state summonses or subpoenas issued in cases related to abortion procedures that are legal in Connecticut. And it would prevent Connecticut authorities from adhering to another state’s request to investigate or punish anyone involved in facilitating a legal abortion in Connecticut.

In addition to the provisions that protect Connecticut providers and patients from legal liability, the new measure would also expand access throughout the state by allowing advanced-practice registered nurses, nurse midwives and certified physicians’ assistants to perform abortions.

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The bill sets up a safety net for those who may face legal challenges if they seek an abortion. This is just the latest attack on the right to life by left-leaning lawmakers in Connecticut. Abortion is murder, plain and simple, and it should NOT be promoted or protected.

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