Ex-Biden Aide And Close Biden Family Friend Tied To Chinese Communist Party Linked Firms

 May 2, 2022

The quite convoluted paper trail of known associates from the Chinese Communist Party, affiliates of others that the Biden’s worked and or associated with, is growing by the day. Also growing is the question of compromise related to President Biden’s office, as far back as his Obama Administration days . Armed forces and other Federal Employees are required to list foreign nationals and especially those who are affiliated or have been in contact with the CCP. Why is a former aide, who associates with CCP related persons, allowed to come and go freely at the White House? Fran Person is one such individual.

Francis “Fran” Person is a former aide, who served in the Obama administration as an adviser to Vice President Biden and a special assistant to President Obama between 2009 and 2014. Person left the White House in late July 2014 for a "special advisory role" at the University of South Carolina. Meanwhile Persons’ sister Anne Marie Muldoon (Person), who worked for Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca, joined Biden’s office in May of 2014. Obviously, the Persons continue to keep close family ties to the Biden Family.

Soon after, Person joined the Harves Group in January of 2015 helping set up a DC-based affiliate of the group and was said to have established "global partnerships" in China. Run by a man named Bo Zhang, whose parents apparently own Harves Group, his father-in-law being a top Chinese official - in 2015, Person introduced Zhang to Hunter Biden.

Person also reportedly brought Zhang to the White House for a holiday reception in 2015. Over the next few years he and Hunter, as well as Zhang and his family collaborated on several business ventures that involved the Harves Group, often gaining tight financial / business relationships that extended to Hunter and his business partner Eric Schwerin.

As above, Hunter’s firm Rosemont Seneca invested in multiple Harves affiliates. In Emails published by Fox Business, Person apparently emailed Hunter Biden on July 28, 2015 inviting Hunter and his family on a trip to China that Zhang and his family would pay for.

Additionally, during Persons tenure in the Obama White House, he drew very close to the Biden family, traveling with Joe Biden a stated 49 of 50 trips during his time there. Then Vice-President Biden, looked to Fran to make things happen, along with Jill Biden who treated him as a son, adding that he would “always be” a part of their family, whether he worked there at the WH or not.

In March 2017, Schwerin emailed Hunter breaking down their firm's interests, including a 5 percent stake with Harves Amusement Parks and ownership in Harves Sports and Entertainment, both of which fall under the Washington, D.C.- based Harves Group.

Since working for the Harves Group, Person has been to the White House at least seven times. Four times were to meet with his sister and a meeting with Biden’s then chief-of-staff, Steve Ricchetti, at least once.  Ricchetti is currently serving in the White House as President Biden’s White House counselor. Again, I ask why are these visits allowed?

Person recently defended his trips to the WH as completely unrelated to his work with Harves Entertainment, which creates experiences / attraction with iconic brands across the sports and entertainment industry. He insists he was essentially visiting old friends.  However, he did not address whether he or Zhang ever communicated with Obama-Biden administration officials discussing Harves-related business deals or whether he or Hunter Biden ever introduced Zhang to Joe Biden. The ball of string continues to slowly unwind.

The frank truth is that Mr. Persons, due to his business affiliations / relationships with those related to the CCP, and his more than close personal ties to the Biden’s, makes him a reasonable risk for compromise of nation security matters. The depths of his relationships on both sides of his business and friendships bear this out. There are many ways that things can conversationally slip during meetings or gatherings where confidences may be shared, which because of established trust, would “not seem so bad”. He is the perfect example of a trusted friend with questionable ties – let alone considering Hunter, who is no “choir boy” in this matter either.

Hunters questionable business practices and the need to be financially bailed out by the elder Biden for taxes and so on, as recently revealed, places his father, Joe Biden, in a precarious position. Where there should be no question as to the validity of events involving “friends” – the circumstances surrounding the Biden’s, Person and Hunters deep entanglements with those Chinese businesses known to support the CCP, provide ample opportunities to question Joe Biden’s involvement with the CCP on many planes. The lies continue to be untangled. There are too many situations that point to Hunter profiting off of his father’s political ties and Joe’s involvement with Hunter’s business dealings (especially including the CCP) – a definite compromise given his office. America needs to get to the truth of this matter.

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