Biden Administration Caught Red-Handed Stealing From American Infants

 May 13, 2022

Once again, Americans take a back seat to the needs of the Democratic party. Nothing like being considered second rate. The Biden administration is showing their true colors, once more by sending scarce baby food to the border to be used by families of illegal immigrants when it is nearly impossible to find it on US store shelves. Why are we flat out subsidizing these people? Because it makes the Biden Administration look like they care.

The world loves those who care for babies and children. Hmm – I guess that only includes those who make it to see the light of day and are breathing. America and the World are not stupid. What’s terrible is they want to disregard the unborn, promote progressive thought on diversity all while actively starving those babies that are actually born as US citizens. This is a warped agenda and they want a pat on the back. Stealing is stealing Joe.

Democrats talk about being 'for the people', but their actions consistently say otherwise. They truly only care about their own agenda.

They are hypocrites who put politics before the sincere needs of the American people. While US citizens are struggling to find and feed their own children, the Biden administration is sending pallets of baby food to illegals. It’s outrageous!

GOP Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) shares pictures sent to her by a border patrol agent from Ursula processing facility in Texas. The images show full shelves of formula that was received from pallets. She commented-

“He, as a border patrol agent, just took in pallets, pallets of baby formula for all of the illegals that are crossing into the United States.”

The White House Administration shouts to the world, “Look at us and our great big heart, we are so humanitarian!” while its own citizens look on with hungry babies. What the rest of the world actually sees is a government out of control. Biden and his cronies have been caught red-handed trying to garner votes on the world stage while stealing from America’s children. This is a disgraceful travesty.

The Biden’ administration should be ashamed of themselves, and start doing more for the American people instead of pandering to the illegal population and appearing so benevolent on the world’s stage. Care of our own people should be his priority, yet Biden and his leftist progressives feel compelled to wave open arms at the border. Joe, charity starts at home.

Sending PALLETs of America’s vitally needed baby food to the border is beyond wrong – it’s criminal. When a large populous of American mothers can’t find food for their own children, it’s time to send Washington a clear message – Stop STEALING our resources for border illegals. 

John Nolte sums it up exactly :

"No one, including this congresswoman, is saying that the babies of illegals should not get this formula. But why are they first in line? Good heavens, illegal immigrants in Texas are getting baby formula when we know American citizens and legal immigrants in Texas are “desperate” to find formula.

What’s more, these illegals should not even be in the country, and by extension, they and their babies should not be our responsibility. These folks should be in Mexico using Mexico’s resources, not in America illegally draining our resources, especially a resource as vital as baby formula."

JOHN NOLTE, Breitbart News

Washington is full of hypocrites and this proves it. Americans deserve better. Every action they take shows how much distain the left has for American citizens, no matter their age. If they’ll steal from babies (for their own image) just imagine how little they care about stealing from the rest of us. Honesty is a virtue Biden doesn’t possess.

America needs to take their outrage to the polls this November to send conservative sanity to Washington which puts Americans FIRST and hold this administration accountable.

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