Teachers Association President Issues Apology For Fake Florida Banned Book List

 August 24, 2022

AFT President, Randi Weingarten, issued an apology, (if you can call it that) after sharing a fake list of books that were listed as “banned” in Florida. She is now passing the buck, stating that someone else approved the list as written – hogwash! Her apology amounted to  - “My Bad”.

Weingarten is such a left-wing, progressive Democrat, that the whites of her eyes glow blue.

This is same Weingarten, who went on record recently, in support of the Minneapolis teacher’s union agreement, that illegally stipulates that white teachers be laid off first, regardless of seniority. This union stand, exempts teachers from “underrepresented” populations from seniority-based layoffs. So why no apology there?

Because both, the misrepresented “banned book” list and the flat-out discrimination policy as stated by the Minneapolis teacher’s union, are POLITICALLY MOTIVATED. These teachers are fighting for the control of America’s children, to indoctrinate them against their beliefs, parents, their birth gender, desiring to focus their teaching on woke ideologies such as critical race theory, and much, much, more.

The book list was meant to stir up trouble nationally and in Florida – where the state is taking a stand against the teacher’s unions, who want parents to be side-lined in their children’s education. Weingarten and her ilk were trying to pass off a politically charged lie and got called out on it.

As far as the Minneapolis teacher’s union policy, the emphasis is on we are in control, and again, teachers rule – but not if your white. Their blatant focus on racism, by their own rules, is why they are being called out on this.

According to Harmeet Dhillon, CEO and founder of the Center for American Liberty and a trial lawyer at Dhillon Law Group in San Francisco –

"If you’re a Minneapolis teacher laid off out of seniority order or merit basis because of your race, call a lawyer – it’s illegal to do this!"

- Harmeet Dhillon, CEO /Founder of the Center for American Liberty

Is it any wonder why parents have no faith in the government schools? If this is the character of their union leadership – they have no real character to impart to the children of America, much less any real education.

Parents need better role models, in schools, for the future of our nation – our survival depends on it.

One Fox Blogger put it this way –

“Such dishonesty from the HEAD of a Teacher's union should make any sane person question sending their child to government schools”

-Mike Wurlitzer, Fox Blogger
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