Spanish TV Reports Martha’s Vineyard Residents Privately Admit They ‘Don’t Want Migrants Here’

 September 17, 2022

A Spanish TV reporter, for Telemundo, claims that Martha’s Vineyard residents privately admitted to not wanting migrants on the island.

Cristina Londoño Rooney of Telemundo said, speaking outside St. Andrew’s church, where the 50 migrants that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) shipped up to the elite liberal vacation spot, stated that-

“residents refused to be interviewed on camera about their displeasure, with the situation for fear of appearing “inhumane.” Adding “A furious man passed by just a short time ago. He said that his children had to leave this island because there are no jobs or housing, and now they bring these migrants over, deceiving them with those promises,” and “There are also others who blame the Biden Administration, saying it’s their fault, they don’t want the migrants here. But they don’t want to speak on-camera, either because they don’t want to be depicted as inhumane.”

-Cristina Londoño Rooney of Telemundo News

Lisa Belcastro, Martha’s Vineyard homeless shelter coordinator, on Thursday, complained to reporters that the island does not have the facilities to house the migrants, despite the fact that some of America’s wealthiest elites own multi-million-dollar vacation homes, that are empty most of the year. She was quoted as saying that-

“At some point in time they (the migrants) have to move from here to somewhere else,” she told reporters. “We don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants. We certainly don’t have housing. We’re in a housing crisis as we are on this island, so we can’t house everyone here that lives here and works here. We don’t have housing for 50 more people.”

-Lisa Belcastro, Martha’s Vineyard Homeless Shelter Coordinator

Appearing in conflict, with an official sign displayed, in Martha’s Vineyard, saying that the island residents stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees, the sentiments expressed about not having enough room and how the migrants need to be sent elsewhere is truly a problem. The sign posted there at The Island of Martha’s Vineyard States-

“We respect women, We value black lives, We stand with our LGBTQ community members, We stand with immigrants, with refugees, with indigenous peoples and with people of all faiths, We stand with our community.”

-Signage At The Island of Martha’s Vineyard

Officials there are now calling the influx of 50 migrants a “humanitarian crisis.” However, On Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) put this so-called “crisis” into perspective when he explained how 15,000 migrants flooded into Del Rio, Texas, in a single day. Cruz tweeted -

“Folks on Martha’s Vineyard are describing the burdens from 50 illegal immigrants. To put that in perspective, the small town of Del Rio, TX has about 30,000 residents. I was there when 15,000 Haitian illegal immigrants were crossing in to Del Rio IN A SINGLE DAY. 15,000 > 50”

- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Obviously, the Democrats, are waking up to the fact, that they will be sharing the load, with the border states, even if by forced transportation of these illegal migrants, who think the border is simply open for walking across. It is a reality check of epic proportion.

Bloggers weighing in –

“Poor Martha's Vineyard doesn't have the houses for the immigrants that they welcome on all of their signs. Can we set up a gofundme account so they can get some temporary housing set up right next to the(ir) signs until permanent housing can be built? If they can't even house fifty immigrants, how are they going to handle thousands that DeSantis should send?”

-Barackem1, Breitbart Blogger


“Absolutely nothing new here, people. We have seen variations on the theme, "The country needs to do this - but don't make US do it!" for a long, long time. Example - Liberals are very, very big on renewable energy, yet they shot down a wind power project that would have produced plenty of electricity for New England. Problem was that it was going to be off the Massachusetts coast, visible from Hyannisport - and a big Liberal family named Kennedy went ballistic.”

-Gerorgethehistorywonk, Breitbart Blogger

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

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