Lightfoot Demands Feds Redistribute Funds From States Sending Illegal Migrants To Chicago

 September 16, 2022

Chicago city leaders, confirmed the arrival, on Wednesday, at O’Hare Airport, of a group of of additional asylum seekers sent from Texas. Mayor Lightfoot is calling on the Federal Government to redistribute funds from Texas and Florida, who are making good, on their promise, to send illegal migrants, to the sanctuary states, that openly support Biden’s open border policy.

It is a sad testimony to the hypocrisy of the left who spout how supportive they are – in the face of a real problem, then severely complain when it comes to roost on their own front porch. It is only fitting that they put their money where their mouth is. Lightfoot, who is calling the transfer of these migrants a “manufactured crisis by ambush” – does not understand the plight of these border states, but she soon will. This news segment relates how this “lesson for the left” is happening, and demonstrates how truly opposed the left is to pulling their own weight as it relates to Biden’s open border policy.

Three cheers for Abbott and DeSantis who appear to be getting their point across, while they give relief to their own overwhelmed border towns and counties. It’s basic physics – cause and effect, at a higher and more profound level.

One blogger put it this way-

THANK YOU - TEXAS, ARIZONA, AND FLORIDA!!! Doing a great job! Finally, those who wanted open borders are having to deal with the consequences of their own actions! I know I'm sick of paying for non-citizens, when I can't even pay my own bills. AZ alone gets over 40,000 (illegal) immigrants EVERY SINGLE MONTH. We cannot sustain this.

-CiCi, Fox News Blogger

“Put your money where your mouth is.”

-John Sheridan
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