Senator Grassley On Biden Family And China, It's Time To Ask Some Hard Questions

 April 13, 2022

There was a vintage commercial for a financial banking firm called EF Hutton that went like this “When EF Hutton talks – people listen”. Well America, when Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) talks people should listen. What he says and doesn’t say, speaks volumes!

According to Chuck Grassley is the:

“most senior Republican in the U.S. Senate, and serves on influential committees that give Iowans a key voice at the policymaking tables. He’s the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, former chairman of the Finance Committee, and serves on the Agriculture and Budget Committees where he leverages these important assignments to fight for Iowans on issues like immigration, health care, trade, taxes, agriculture, biofuels, protecting our constitutional rights, and many others”.

He makes an annual tour of his entire state in order to hear directly from his constituents and has done so for 42 years. Grassley has earned his reputation as an honorable man.

He has devoted his life to serving the State of Iowa and the United States of America and is a patriot through and through. Before you write him off as a fixture in the Senate, you should go to his site and read up on the integrity of the man. He has a track record for investigation that follows the facts and the money, is slow to speak, yet when he says he has “enough evidence” to warrant an investigation into if President Joe Biden is compromised by his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China, America should be listening.

This seasoned investigator, is on the scent of the Biden family which has blatantly raked in millions from the Chinese (and other questionable Nations) and hopefully will stay on the money like a hound after a fox. When Grassley says effectively that an investigation is warranted – that is a big deal.

On Monday he was interviewed by FNC’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” and was asked

“Do you have evidence, senator, that would lead to you believe that Joe is potentially compromised by the Chinese?”

To which Grassley replied,

“I only have enough evidence that that’s a legitimate question. I do not have evidence that goes as far as you would like to have me say it goes. If I could say it, I would say it.”

Known to be a thorough researcher, he is on the trail of the Biden family connection to China. In the interview he gave some of the facts that he was working on.

Senator Grassley went on to say,

“What we do know is that Hunter Biden is had arrangements with Chinese business people, the CEFC corporation, it’s an energy company, those Chinese business people had connections to the military and the Chinese Communist Party. We know that they received $5 million one time. James received a million dollars one time. Then we got all sorts of bank records saying on a regular order that $100,000 for many months to Hunter Biden, $ 65,000 to James Biden. And then it raises the question. Does this compromise the national security of the United States? Do they have enough on them to get something out of a president of the United States? I can’t answer that question.”

To which Jesse Watters ask,

“Doesn’t that lead most fair-minded people to believe that maybe that money is influencing the president of the United States’ decisions and that could affect our national security?”

Grassley replied,

“It could mean that. If I had enough evidence to say that you’re 100% right, I would be willing to say that. But I think I have a reputation of just going by the facts and following the money, and right now, I can’t go that far.”

However, even the media which has largely ignored the Biden – China connection is waking up “to play catch up” as Watters said, unable to avoid the avalanche of evidence unfolding before them.

Lady Justice has a lot of catching up to do on behalf of bringing many Democratic households under the weight of prosecution, judgment and sentencing. America is tired of them escaping trial – and the double standard their seeming freedom from accountability, because of their wealth and position, represents. Hopefully the American public will see justice done for once and integrity in the White House restored because of those with the caliber of Chuck Grassley. Again, America should stay tuned and be listening.

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