WATCH: Biden Gets Excretory Award from Bird For “Made In America” Comment

Just when life seems to be dull – there is comic relief to be had by watching Joe Biden get pooped on during a discussion at his “rural infrastructure tour” in Iowa. He was sharing his plan to help Americans struggling with soaring inflation, in a speech in a barn, in the town of Menlo. 

Biden was in the middle of trying to explain how his administration is working to lower costs for Americans, focusing on rural America to do so, when he was given the fecal award from on high. It was so appropriate for the moment, as what was being said was truly a line - of the same order. Thank the good Lord for birds!

Biden emphatically declared that he wanted to focus on “Made in America”. However, when he repeated the phrase for the second time, I guess the bird had had enough of the bull and “let it fly” from on high, dropping his load squarely onto the Biden’s left lapel. How appropriate – even his left side.

In true form Biden, looked over as if to see something, but in reality, took no notice of the excretory stamp of approval or otherwise regarding his comments. I’m sure those watching were just as amused and possibly further dumbfounded by his lack of attention to the event.

Talk about not being taken seriously. I’m sure there were those present who couldn’t listen to a word he said following the ceremonious event. Further, with all that Joe Biden and his administration have cost America – it’s time a little crap comes home to roost for him. Biden is reaping what he has sown, and he better get some boots because it’s getting deep.

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