President Joe Biden Struggled To Correctly Use The Latest Politically Correct Acronym

 June 17, 2022

During a “Pride” event at the White House on Wednesday, President Joe Biden struggled to correctly use the latest politically correct acronym to refer to homosexual and transgender Americans. In the speech, he misspoke calling the LGBTQI+ the “LGBTQL Americans” before correcting himself. Noting the gaff – he corrected himself adding “Excuse me – plus Americans.” He later referred to the word lesbian as “liberation”, when reading the executive order, he signed at the event.

This new order instructs the Department of Health and Human Services  (HHS) together with the Department of Education, to create new sample policies for states to enact, in order to be compliant with “LGBTQI+” demands. It also requires HHS, as well as the departments of Treasury and State, to find ways to restrict “conversion therapy” for gay and transgender individuals. Biden added that his order would use the-

“full force of the federal government” to ban “inhuman” practices like “conversion therapy.”

-President Joe Biden

Criticizing Republicans in states like Texas, Alabama and Florida for passing legislation prohibiting public school teachers from encouraging children to have conversations about gender and sexuality he stated-

“I don’t have to tell you about the ultra-MAGA agenda attacking families and our freedoms,” Biden said, mocking Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis for “going after Mickey Mouse for God’s sake.” and “These attacks are real and consequential for real families,”

-President Joe Biden

Blaming Republicans for a group of “White Supremacists” who gathered in Idaho to riot at a Pride parade, Biden claimed-

“Thirty-one White Supremacists stopped just before they reached the Pride celebration, where apparently [they] planned to unleash violence on people gathering peacefully,”

-President Joe Biden

Then boasting that his administration was the most “pro-equality” administration, he credited openly gay Transportation Secretary, Buttigieg, for leading the way. Clearly stating that “Pride is back at the White House,” Biden declared his efforts to get a “record number of out and proud appointees at every single level of our government.”

Sadly, his pandering to this special interest group goes way beyond anything realistic. American taxpayers who are struggling to survive his policies, as they are playing out in every economic realm of life, are not in a position to care about the emotionalism that Joe Biden intends to keep stirring up, to make him sound like an in-touch person. No one has the time and furthermore everyone knows he is just a talking head. One astute blogger put it this way.

“Liberals are by nature compelled to use hyperbole, exaggeration, drama, and lies in almost all speech and thought. It reflects their distorted view of reality, in general. None of that juvenile tripe is written by him. His staff of radical gay, lesbian, feminist, and black nationalist speech writers crank this noise out every day. He just "tries" to read it, so [he] "won't get in trouble".

-Frank Booth, Blogger Breitbart News
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