President Biden And The American Oil Catastrophe

 April 2, 2022

It seems that President Biden can't stop lying to the American people. In a recent speech, he promised to work hard to bring down gas prices. However, the opposite is happening at the pump. Now the Biden administration is threatening oil companies if they don't comply with their demands.

The Biden team is all talk and no action. Gas prices are still high, and they show no signs of going down any time soon. It takes months to ramp up production and in the meantime Biden announced he would release one million barrels of oil per day to help fight shortages. Leaving our reserves in a devastating condition.

Instead of backtracking and reopening the XL Pipeline, Biden is continuing his odious journey, taking the United States with him. He is still blaming everyone under the sun for the situation HE put America in; Coronavirus, Putin's' choices and the war on Ukraine to name a few. There was a gas issue way before that. Those unfortunate situations just exacerbated the condition.

Now of top of it he is attacking the business sector. Demanding more oil but not lowering the financial burdens those companies face with more production. Nor is he speeding up oil leases that are waiting to be approved. Lets be real, he spent the beginning of his presidency shutting down drills that operated on federal land.

As usual, the president is trying to take the heat off of his failed policies by pointing fingers at others. The American people are not fooled and we will not stand for it. Stop attacking free enterprise. We demand real solutions, not more empty promises.

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