Patriot Moms Expose Radical Agendas In Schools Across The Nation

 February 11, 2022

It's no secret that schools across the nation are pushing a radical leftist agenda. But now, a group of patriot moms are fighting back. These brave women have been going undercover to expose the corruption and indoctrination taking place in our schools.

They believe that the National Association of Independent Schools is at fault, and Congressional Republicans are vowing to investigate the organization if they retake the majority after the midterm elections.

Leading the charge is Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN):

“We have a moral duty to go after all of these institutions that have been co-opted by the left. They always have been, we have just become more aware of it because COVID has exposed just how far removed these schools, public and private, and their administrations are from parents, and how far removed from putting the interests of our kids first over the political interests of those who run our schools,”

The Undercover Moms agree:

“We believe we are at a crossroads where our children’s education is concerned. The vast majority of public schools in this country have been indoctrinating America's youth for decades, and now even private schools are falling under the spell of Marxist ideology. Undercover Mom Project is committed to exposing the truth, and we ask for your support.”

It's time to stand up and fight for our children's education, like these patriotic women. We need to elect Republicans who will hold these schools accountable and support patriotic efforts like the Undercover Mom Project.

Please visit Undercover Mom Project to learn more and support them.

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